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Cathy's Feelings for Edgar and Heathcliff

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English Essay Cathy's Feelings for Edgar and Heathcliff In this essay I am going to explain Cathy's feelings for both Edgar Linton and Heathcliff. She had complex relationships with both Edgar and Heathcliff starting from when she was young. In her youth Cathy spent a lot of time with Heathcliff. This is the time when she first fell in love with him. She used to spend a lot of time running out to the moors with him. They would never be apart and shared everything with each other. The first time she met Edgar was when she went to Thrushcross grange. She stayed there for 5 weeks and came back cleaner and more sophisticated. The reason she went there was because Heathcliff herself snuck out to the moors. They went to thrushcross grange. But they were noticed through a window, by Edgar and his sister Isabelle. ...read more.


Nelly doesn't agree with her decision because she thinks the reasons aren't good enough. Cathy only wants to marry Edgar because there is no-one else that she can marry. She knows no-one else in the outside world. She sees a future with him because he has money. Although Cathy wants to marry Edgar, she is still in love with Heathcliff. She says " I am Heathcliff- He is always on my mind." She wants to be with him, but thinks it would degrade her to marry him because he is a lower class. When Heathcliff hears about Cathy marrying Edgar he leaves for years and marries Edgars sister Isabella. Whilst he is away Cathy becomes ill and goes mad. Edgar Stays by Cathy's side for years and looks after her hoping she will recover. Cathy was often angry that Edgar was around her. ...read more.


Both Edgar and Heathcliff are very upset. Heathcliff was angry that she died because they had began to show their love for each other again. He didn't want to live in a world where he couldn't find her. Heathcliff would rather be haunted by her. He says " you said I killed you- Haunt me then! The murdered do haunt their murderers." This shows his distraught state of mind at the time of Cathy's death. Edgar however, was less angry about her death and grieved more quietly. He acted very solitude. He had no communication with anyone for hours and did not sleep or eat. Up to her death, Catherine Linton's feelings for Heathcliff did not change. She always loved him, even whilst she was married to Edgar. Her feelings for Edgar were also strong, but they were never quite as strong as for Heathcliff and Edgar resented this. ...read more.

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