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Cave in the Amazon

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Cave in the Amazon The tour guide led us along the winding path that had already tangled itself around the many trees and plants that grew there. The forest is vast; it really is like a labyrinth. "Now" said the tour guide, raising her arms, beckoning ahead towards the unknown where no friendly path led the way amongst the monstrous trees "we will venture deeper into the forest." I found it peculiar to say deeper when we'd been walking for two days. I had so far been unimpressed by the displays of bulldozers cutting down mahogany, for other than this, the wasteland that was so lifeless. Then, we turned around the corner... There were voluminous green leaves, vines that hung from the towering trees, that provided shelter for elegant birds of emerald, crimson and rich azure. These perched themselves on the branches or were searching amongst the flame coloured flowers that grew on the river bank, whilst the sunlight shone through the waterfall, which cast out rainbow colours onto the trees, the leaves, the mossy rocks beside the waterfall. This is so... I was speechless. How could I have been so eager to leave? I heard a few tourists finishing my sentence with exactly what I had in mind. The enthusiastic crowd of whom I was amongst immediately took out their cameras. Click Click and the flashing of light. The colourful birds spread the wings for flight; those on the riverbank scurried away. By the time I took my camera out, the birds were gone. ...read more.


They said that the water was deep, and what lurked beneath the blackness was unknown." There was silence for a few minutes. "No one really knows what killed these people. Legend has it it's a witch, who lives in the black oil coloured water, and like a crocodile drowns her prey and then eats it. Others say it's the ghost of a cannibal who died there hundreds of year ago. Those who wish for a more scientific option believe it was a crocodile, or a bull shark that got lost when it swam up the estuary in winter. Whatever it was, no one will ever know." After that, I don't know what else was said. Against my tent I heard the familiar pounding of heavy rain. Then, I fell asleep, and dreamt about the cave, and wondered what lurked there; could a crocodile for wild animal seriously have such a taste for human meat that it devoured all who crossed its territory? Crunch... That was the sound that woke me up that night. The rain had stopped, but I knew the ground would still be wet. It seemed however, that the trees had intercepted the worst of the rainfall. I opened my eyes to see absolutely nothing, just darkness. I slipped on my walking boots, whilst feeling around for the torch. I knew I would need it. The blackness was dense; I could not see a thing. I was wide-awake, but it seemed to be that I was the only one. ...read more.


The ground was uneven, tree roots lay everywhere. The creature was gaining on me. I knew it. Everything in that place was against me, even the trees, I realised this though when it was far too late. An unkind root whipped at my ankle and pulled me down... In panic I awoke, cold, struggling to escape wherever I was and realised I was in deep water. I must have fallen unconscious from the fall. The icy water sent chills to my spine, but it was the fear of the amber eyes that made me shiver. To my relief, there were no eyes in sight. Still, I needed to get out. There were probably piranhas in these waters, and crocodiles. If only I hadn't dropped the torch. My eyes just didn't seem to adjust to this darkness. Feeling around, I eventually grabbed the side, but there was no riverbank, instead, a rocky wall. I didn't like the word that I suddenly felt crossing through my mind, it was repeated over and over again. Doom. My fingernails scraped against the rough surface. There was no mistaking it now. To my horror I was in a cave. I splashed around trying to find an escape route. The splash echoed around the cave. The hollow silence that followed was unbearable. In desperation, I screamed, tears pouring from my blood shot eyes. The scream deafened me as it rang around the cave. I never heard the crunch, but felt a burning sensation as something in the water grabbed my foot. As I looked down, I noticed a pair of burning Amber eyes, staring up at me from the water... Elizabeth Gear Page 1 20/10/2008 English Course Work Original Writing ...read more.

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