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Celebrity Culture

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It's all film stars, film stars, film stars, these days: who's doing what, when, where and with what kind of accessories. Who needs to know? What's your opinion? Whenever we switch on the television, open a magazine or turn on the radio we are instantly confronted by celebrities. Their names jump out at you from the covers of magazines that claim to have all the inside information on that person's life. Instead of the focus being on the quality of acting or how well someone can sing people know find out about drug scandals, if someone is pregnant and the latest fashion accessories from jewellery to miniature dogs. Do we really need to know every time someone goes for a walk on the beach with their families? Celebrity culture can have very bad effects on ourlives. ...read more.


The issues focused on in these magazines and programmes have no depth. They do not teach us about life, in fact all they teach us is how not to think. The articles focus on shallow unimportant things that we could live without knowing about. Do we really need to know if someone puts on a kilo? And does that really mean they are pregnant? Many stories are made up. Most rumours have no base in fact and contain no truth at all. Why are these published? So that the media can sell more. People would not buy these magazines or watch a programme on TV if it didn't sound exciting. Scandalous sounding titles and headlines sell far better than the truth. Celebrity culture is just as bad for the celebrities as it is for us. ...read more.


How would you cope? Both readers and the celebrities themselves become obsessive about their body image and this leads to many eating disorders. The paparazzi can also suffer. There would be many journalists who get caught in this wave of bodies and many would be injured. Paparazzi can also hurt the celebrities; look at what happened to Princess Diana. The Celebrity culture takes the focus off onstage or onscreen talent and onto a whole other aspect. So what does this achieve? Well celebrity culture does nothing more than make people feel bad about themselves, create a lack of thinking and turn people into consumers. However this does not mean that the celebrities themselves are bad. They are simply normal people, just like us, which is why the whole thing has gone so badly. This is what happens when we turn mortals into our gods. Top of Form Bottom of Form ...read more.

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