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Challenges - Creative writing.

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Huang Yanxi (13) P6R Challenges Challenges are part of a person's daily life and is something that has to be overcome is order for a person to improve. Through the process of overcoming a challenge, we will learn become a stronger person that knows how to handle pressure, is resilient and has perseverance, as well as become better in that particular subject which causes the challenge. Therefore, without challenges, life will lose its purpose and meaning, and instead, become boring and routine, as there will no longer be new things for us to learn and discover. If that day were to come, it definitely be very sad, as we will lose the joy and satisfaction which you get when you finally manage to overcome a challenge. Actually, challenges need not be anything big like aiming to break the Olympic record or to make a new invention that is so useful to mankind that you get a Nobel Prize for it. Even simple things like aiming to get a certain score in PSLE, trying your best to cope with you endless mountain of homework, trying to meet the competition deadlines as well as doing your best not to let our parents, teachers and yourself down in exams can be considered challenges. Fortunately, as a student, I do not have to worry about getting retrenched and trying to find a new job or not getting enough money to make ends meet, etc. ...read more.


Finally, I managed to perfect the piece which I was playing. That was the first step. The second step was to find Sun Ning Jing (a girl, also a student under my violin teacher who is from Nanhua and also studies both violin and piano) and a piano teacher who was playing the accompaniment as the violin piece was a duet played by two violins and a piano as the accompaniment for the violinists. The trainings were really torturous and tiring. But on the actual day of performance, when we received a thundering applause from the audience after we had finished playing, I really felt a sense of pride and accomplishment and realised that all my efforts were well worth it and was extremely glad that I was actually able to play such a difficult piece in front of everyone well, without making any mistakes or getting nervous. Then, the second challenge which I faced was the FLL which was an international competition held in Norway. The competition itself was already stressful enough, as there were many things we had to do, such as researching information on the topic stated in the competition and building as well as programming the robots. Often, I had to miss lessons and leave schools at very late hours as the trainings were extremely intense. ...read more.


By the end of P4, I had overcome many other challenges as well, as such passing my violin Grade 8 exams and getting first in class. It was then I realised that I had managed to overcome many challenges by focusing on whatever I am doing and not getting easily distracted, doing things on time so that they do not pile up into a huge mountain, as well as spending my time wisely by not having any bad habits such as playing computer games and watching television at all. Since then, the many challenges which I faced in P4 have made me a better person who has more perseverance, resilience and tenacity than before. At the same time, I have learnt to be able to complete things that are of higher quality but in a shorter time and in a more efficient way. Sure, challenges are tough. But after going through these challenges, you will learn that you have benefitted a lot from them. As for me, I have also learnt to be a multi-tasker and study as well as go for other exams and competitions at the same time. As for now, the challenges which I have to overcome are getting top in SA1, SA2 and most importantly, in PSLE. In order to do so, I must pay full attention in class, do every single piece of work to my best of my ability and revise my work daily. ...read more.

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