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Changes of regimes on "Animal Farm"

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Changes of regimes on "Animal Farm" From the beginning of the story the animals felt untreated by Jones. The revolution was a major change waiting to happen. The animals therefore ruled over the land having an increase in food rations and treated equally. Old Major, from the beginning of his speech quoted that "All animals are equal!" During the story, the pigs take over the land as being the cleverest on the farm. They are the brains of the farm and make all decisions being like a human from the beginning but showing no aims to treat all the other animals unequally. The change during the story was that the pigs became greedy. ...read more.


This caused problems as the rules were broken and the animals were ruled by force (the same as Jones). From the beginning of the story, the revolution was because Jones had no concern for the animals. This was to give no rations of food to the animals because he was lazy. As the revolution became reality, more rations were given out. The pigs allowed themselves to take advantage of increasing their food rations and decreasing the rest of the animals rations. This was overcome by Squealer who made one of his usual speeches. A major part of this speech was, "Milk and apples (this has been proved by Science comrades) ...read more.


The dogs kept control by force making the authority unequal (dictatorship). This did not keep the pigs from trying to keep the hopes of the animals to the highest level. The windmill and the battles won over the humans, was a way to show power and allow the pigs to show how powerful they are, in keeping the farm in animal ownership. At the end, all hope was lost, even the name of the farm was changed to Manor farm. The changed were obvious. In Jones time, the food was low and the farm was extremely bad. This changes to an equal opportunity for all animals as the revolution passed. Eventually the greed came out and the pigs became more aware of the weaknesses and took all the wealth for themselves, leaving the animals in the same state as they were from the beginning. ...read more.

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