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Changing attitudes to marriage- compare three stories, Tony Kytes, Three Sisters and Teresa's wedding

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COURSEWORK- CHANGING ATTITUDES TO MARRIAGE English assignment For my assessment I am writing to compare three short stories, each in different centuries; one in the 18th, one in the 19th and on in the 20th. Each are by different authors but all illustrate the attitudes to marriage at the time of each era. This is what I am going to be comparing the three on. The first story is 'The Three Sisters' which was written in the 18th century by Jane Austen. It is written in a series of letters informing the reader of the events taking place between a family of three sisters who are all looking towards marriage. It explores their attitudes and what different things they hope married life can help them achieve. Jane Austen was born on 16th December 1775 and was an English writer, well-known for her reality, harsh social commentary and her talent of using free, indirect speech, burlesque and irony. It is these factors that have earned her a place as one of the most widely read and beloved writers in the history of English literature. Her plots were comic and they often highlighted the dependence of women on marriage to secure their social status and economic security, much showed in her story of 'The Three Sisters'. One of her strongest influences, clear in her writing, was the realism of the 18th Century and the moral issues that were so very often associated with it. ...read more.


Instead of one central figure, the novels feature several protagonists drawn together by an institutional setting, which acts as a convergence point for their individual stories. His later stories are considered to be more technical and logical than his others but are still very widely recognised for him drawing on factors of his Irish background and upbringing to compare and discuss the difference with the modern day. In this story, there are also a wide variety of attitudes by various people and how they consider marriage. One of the first attitudes that is apparent from the beginning of the story is that Teresa and Artie are marrying through force and not out of their own choice. Throughout the whole wedding they both seem miserable and unhappy but because of Teresa's pregnancy they have no choice but to sucombe to the events. In this story, the man who seems to be the main 'organisor' of the wedding is Father Hogan. He spends his time visiting every attender trying his best to convince them that the wedding is a success and that the 'kids' are perfect for each other. This couldn't be further from the truth however. Arties best friend, Screw Doyle tells Artie that a few days before the wedding he took Teresa into a field and 'had a bloody good ride of her'. As a result, this makes Artie very insecure about whether the baby could be his. ...read more.


On the other hand, we are given the impression that unity and Hannah are devastated to have lost out on Tonys love. Unity only agrees with her father because shes scared of disagreeing and when Hannah is walking away she looks back as if pleading with Tony to ask her again. When this doesn't happen the mood of the story becomes more dejected. This shows that Hannah, one of the three lovers, could possibly genuinely love Tony for love and only love. However, the circumstances of this story make it impossible for the reader ever to know for sure what spark there was between Tony and Hannah, and what it was based on. There is a mixture of attitudes visible in the story but what we can see is that the characters were marrying for love and to to gain anything for themselves. This reflects nowadays the circumstances of modern day people and how they view marriage as a declaration of love and not a declaration of status or wealth gain. My assessment of these stories illustrates the difference by how much the attitudes have changed over time, and leads us to question; which tone is marriage meant for? Nowadays, the majority of peoples' thoughts on marriage would initially be Love. But, in some cases, the shallow thoughts of Money, Security, Status and even simple Kindness can still be found in traces, not completely disappeared from all those years ago. ?? ?? ?? ?? Megan King, page 1 Megan King, page 1 ...read more.

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