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Changing the Character of Macbeth

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Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's four great tragedies, which contain witchcraft, treason, and murder .In the following essay, I Will be writing about the way I feel towards the character of Macbeth throughout the play and and the way he changes. Does Shakespeare present him in a way that we can understand this disloyal and self seeking murderer .Our view on Macbeth changes throughout the play because he is portrayed in many different ways. At the beginning of the play he is seen as a brave soldier and rewarded by king Duncan of Scotland .he is spoken about as "brave Macbeth"and "worthy gentalman"after his heroism in battle ,only at later he becomes cruel .He had defeated the Norwegians and on his way home he meets three witches who leaves Macbeth with some sinsitral option which leads in changing of his character. The audience of that time believed in witch so they become suspicious when Macbeth communicate with them leading us believe that he is connected with the evil. Then Macbeth is giving three predictions "all hail Macbith! Hail to the thane of the glam is! all hail Macbeth! Hail to the than of the cowdor! All hail Macbeth!that shalt be king there after" Macbith is already thame of glamis so he doesn't believe the witches because he thinks that the thane of cowdor is alive but very soon some messengers comes and tells Macbith that he has been granted the thaneship of the thane of Crowdor ...read more.


Lady Macbeth does not only influences Macbeth to kill the king but also Macbeth himself kills his dearest friend Banquo and the wife and children of Macduff .When hearing of these murders and realizing that her husband is behind them, she commits suicide There are some other characters apart from Lady Macbeth who are responsible for Macbeth's change of character in the play ,they are the witches and king Duncan himself because Duncan raises Ambit above all other lords and praises Ambit for his bravery at war ,making the other lords jealous of Ambit . Maspeth's character change in the following ways :The first time we hear about Ambit is when the witches mention his name .This would make the audience feel suspicious but their minds are put at rest when his name is spoken as "brave Macbeth"after he defeats the Norwegians. He is thought to be a loyal and worthy subject to the king . Then the witches meet with Ambit ; the audience would begin to doubt his loyalty when he starts thinking of killing the king.Macbeth then admits "If chance will have me king,why,chance may crown me, without my stir." This emphasizes that he is still unsure about murdering king Duncan and he feels that if the witches have predicted then fate will make him asking with out doing anything. King Duncan then names his son Malcolm and Ambit realizes that he can not become a king unless he does something about it" That is a step on which I must fall down, or else o'er-leap". ...read more.


Ambit then set out the fight he kills a man and still holds on to the apparition from the witches that no one born of a woman shall harm him "sword I smile at ,weapon laugh to scorn ,flourished by a man who is of a woman born "macduff confronts Ambit and he is not very fearful of him because of the witches 'apparition. he says to Macduff :"with thy keen sword impress as make me bleed :let fall thy blade on vulnerable crests ,I bear charmed life ,which must not yield to one of woman born" Macduff then replies saying that he was not of woman born, he was of his mother's womp"untimely ripped" Ambit now knows that he is going to kill him but he shows courage until his last breathe and fights on.Macduff then kills Ambit and hails Malcolm as king . At the end of the of the play we see Ambit a respected hero turned to vengeful villain through unreasonable ambition with the influences of the people around him .He commits murder,regicide,and vengeful slaughter. After the murder of Duncan,Macbeth is horrified to think of his attitude .Lady Ambit is bold and confident because she does not understand that the deed is morally is wrong. At the end of the scene the only feeling audience have towards Macbith is horror,anger,and disgust. DONE BY: Mohammed Abdullah Hamim ...read more.

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