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Character Analysis - Atticus Finch

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Character Analysis Atticus Finch, he was a good father, a talented shooter and an intelligent lawyer in the book of "To Kill a Mocking Bird". In the story, the Finches' original landing was an old town called Maycomb. Atticus Finch was related by blood or marriage to nearly every family in Maycomb and he had lived in Maycomb almost all his life. Atticus went to Montgomery to study law in his earlier life then he met a Graham and married her, two years after Scout was born, Atticus's wife died from a sudden heart attack. Atticus remained unmarried after his wife passed out; Atticus would not marry anyone else because his heart had a scar so deep that he could not ever recover. Atticus worked as a lawyer in Maycomb ever since, he lived a normal life with his family. There were a lot of things going on in Maycomb, as the story continued on, the events happened in Maycomb revealed Atticus's true identities to the readers. ...read more.


But, that was not all... One Saturday, Jem and Scout decided to go exploring with their air rifles to see if they could find a rabbit or squirrel, but unfortunately they have found themselves a mad dog slowly coming towards the main resident street. The dog was scary; it acted like a beast that didn't eat for days, and it's going to hunt down whoever stood on its way. Scout and Jem didn't know why Mr. Tate gave the heavy rifle to Atticus and told Atticus to shoot the dog. It was then Jem and Scout knew that their father was called "One-shot Finch" because Atticus shot the dog dead in a flash with just one single bullet. Miss Maudie said that when Atticus was still young, if Atticus shot fifteen times and hit fourteen doves he'd complain about wasting ammunition. Atticus was civilized in his heart. ...read more.


When Atticus questioned Mayella for a few times over the same questions and Mayella couldn't remember what she said at the beginning. However, Tom Robinson was different, he showed no hesitation at all when Atticus questioned him over and over again on the same questions. And Tom's answers to Atticus's questions remained the same as always. Atticus clearly showed why Mayella was telling the lies and Tom did not, because the state had not produced one iota of medical evidence to the effect that the crime Tom Robinson was charged with ever took place. People thought that Atticus had won the trial, nevertheless the judge didn't make the right verdict. Based on all this story told by her daughter Scout Finch on her father Atticus Finch, she learned that Atticus has incredible talents that normal people could not dream to have, Atticus was able to hide all his "unfair" talents to himself because Atticus Finch was a real gentleman. ...read more.

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