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Character Sketch: Trevor in "The Destructors"

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English 12 Character Sketch: Trevor Raj Trevor is introduced to the reader as the newest member of the gang. Trevor is typically silent at the meetings but the children note that there are ?possibilities about his brooding silence? signaling that Trevor may be a potential strong force later in the story. He speaks up one morning mentioning, ?Wren built this house?. The house he refers is of a man called old misery and was the only house to escape the German blitz bombing. ...read more.


The kids soon learn that Trevor had visited old misery?s house. They are greatly surprised that Trevor didn?t break or steal anything andthis shocks the kids because they are only concerned about doing thing wrong to others. Trevor tells the gang that the house was beautiful and the kids are confused by Trevor; nothing is beautiful to them. Perhaps Trevor could be the hope that these kids need; he is smart and he is more conscious of life. ...read more.


They also declare Trevor as the Worsley Common Gang?s new leader. Trevor?s actions and his ideas now clearly contradict the personality of his character that he had once been. The signal of hope that he had shown is now gone. Perhaps there is no point of hope of the future. Trevor acknowledges beauty as something he never really had and wants to take it away from old misery. Trevor characterizes Hitler; he is smart, demonstrates rigid leadership and will use these kids for evil. Accordingly the gang has chosen a leader to bring destruction, a lot like the generation before them. ...read more.

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