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Character study of Cassio and Roderigo in Othelo.

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I would have to say that I think that Cassio and Roderigo are just pawns that Iago uses for his own gain. This is quite obvious but what did Shakespeare intend them to be? I believe Iago to be the most important and central character. Shakespeare therefore I believe is very keen to develop his character and give him what he needs to make his revenge plots successful. He presents Iago with Cassio and Roderigo two puppets he can control and manipulate. Jealousy, hatred, and selfishness what do you get when you put all those together you happen to get Iago. iago happens to get much enjoyment in causing chaos with the whole environment around him and he is very good at doing it especially with the moors (Othellos) trust. The moor Othello happens to think Iago is a loyal servant and a trusting man but every now and then he has his doubts but the doubts aren't that strong. ...read more.


because now he's going to get some problems started for Othello just because he did not get his job as lieutenant and he becomes very jealous that Cassio gets it In act two Iago's selfishness kicks in he starts to set up his little scheme to get his position in lieutenancy begins telling Roderigo that Desdemona is in love with Cassio and that Roderigo should help him remove Cassio from position only because he cares just about himself and wants the best for himself he starts off by telling him that Desdemona is in love with him his direct words were : "I must tell thee this: Desdemona is directly in love with him". Roderigo begins to believe Iago when Iago starts to bribe him in act 2 he says "You should have a shorter journey to your desires" he basically tells him your going to get Desdemona very soon. Later on he begins to make a plan to get Cassio drunk so it is easier for Roderigo to provoke Cassio into a ...read more.


if he sees it its going to be another story Iago has caused way bigger problems just so he can get what he wants out of it. Iago seems to have cause all the damage he can and so far it has done a lot he seems to have this very sneaky way of getting into someone's head and brainwashing it he also has a good talent of acting he could be this very fun loving man who just cares about everything and everyone he serves to a watcher for the moor and a friend to roderigo. He has his very undercover ways of getting around and getting what he wants he's very selfish at the most and he is for sure jealous of most people but all in all u need to watch out from a person like this. As you can see the pivotal character in the play is constantly using Roderigo and Cassio as nothing more than pawns or puppets. Without these two characters Iago's plans would be near impossible. ...read more.

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