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Character study of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet

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The Nurse The nurse is in the play all the time. The nurse cares for Juliet. She looks after her like a mother and is a mother figure to Juliet. The Nurse has been in the Capulet household for at least fourteen years and has been with Juliet all her life. The nurse was Juliet's wet nurse and so she has a very strong bond with her. She treats Juliet as if she was her own daughter as she took the place of the nurse's daughter when she died. The Nurse is a very affectionate character and very caring. She is always looking out for Juliet and she is continually showing love for Juliet. Although really the Nurse is a servant to Juliet this is quite hidden. The Nurse is clearly one of the family. The is trusted as a family servant. When Lady Capulet is trying to talk of Juliet she finds it uncomfortable and calls the nurse in. ...read more.


The Nurse wants Juliet to be happy and so she betrays her employer to help Romeo and Juliet. She acts as an accomplice with Friar Laurence in bringing the two lovers together. The Nurse gets carried away with the situation with Romeo and wants Juliet to marry, she doesn't offer any advice to Juliet even though she knows that Juliet is young and doesn't really know what she is doing. At first the nurse admires Romeo "Why he is a man of wax" (Act 1 Scene 3) but warns him not to lead her into "fools paradise" (Act 2 Scene 4) because Juliet is young. She turns against Romeo when he kills Tybalt "Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin" (Act 3 Scene s) "Shame come to Romeo (Act 3 Scene 2). When Juliet needs the nurse most "Comfort me, council me" the Nurse lets her down and tells her to forget Romeo and marry Paris. ...read more.


The Friar had good intentions but he gets too involved and it is left up to him to ensure everything goes as planned. He goes behind Juliet's parents back but he does have a good reason for this "These violent delights have violent ends" When his plan goes wrong he accuses fate, "Unhappy Fortune" So really it could be that Friar Laurence is one of the main people who could have been to blame for the deaths as it was his plans that went wrong although Romeo and Juliet thought he was very helpful and always had a solution for their problems. I think that if all the families had stopped arguing and disagreeing, Romeo and Juliet would not have died as they would not have needed to sneek around to see each other and sort out complicated plans to be together. They would have been like a normal couple and got married to each other. For this reason I think that there was not one particular person that was to blame, but the family feud which had been going on. ...read more.

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