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Character Study On Macbeth.

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CHARACTER STUDY ON MACBETH At the beginning of the play, Macbeth is described as a brave soldier. He is very moral, optimistic, humane and an ambitious person. He was devoted to lady Macbeth. He changes as the play progresses, he turns lonely and a despicable individual. Firstly there was a change in his morality. The evil inside him destroyed his principles and led him to the leading force behind a number of murders. His quest for power made his conscience begin to disappear. Macbeth's relationship with his wife changes as well. From a loving and trusting relationship to having an unstable one. He starts drifting apart from her and he also shows no signs of sorrow or tears when she died. Macbeth's conscience is very persuasive, he tells himself " Duncan's goodness and kindness is such that his killing would provoke a tremendous outcry". ...read more.


He is a man of action but he loses his sense about what's right and wrong. His second vision is the ghost of Banquo, where he feels trapped, and confines as his great occasion, the banquet is ruined. Macbeth relentless rises to his power when he betrays himself when he sees the ghost. The way he talks to the ghost exposes him to suspicion, just at the end on ACT 2 when he tried to explain why he killed king Duncan. But before he could say much lady Macbeth asks the guest to leave. Macbeth shows no signs of fear when Macduff was coming to battle. He knows he was going to lose, as he believed that life was a stupid game signifying nothing. At the end of the play Macbeth stopped thinking about the future and now looks back to the past, perhaps with regret to the loss of the kind of man ...read more.


He finds it painful to look at what the witches show him. He sees a row of kings' stretching out before him with banquo smiling and pointing at them to show that they are his descendants. In spite of everything, Macbeth resolves to fight on. He says that that those who used to be nearest to his heart will be the first to die. Although he probably also means that whatever he decides in future he will do it straight away without hesitations. This comment is ironic because the next person to die in this play is lady Macbeth. to some extent it is true that she dies because of his actions and in a literal sense she murders herself. Through the development of this tragedy, Macbeth has turned from a well natured person to an evil person. His ambition, strong belief in the witches has bought him to a tragic end of his life and caused many people to lose their lives. English coursework 1 Monica Patel ...read more.

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