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Character Study on Macbeth.

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CHARACTER STUDY ON MACBETH Macbeth was a successful general, very noble and valiant to the king. Obeying his commands and following the routines of the king, he has achieved respect in the community for his bravery. He has a strong relationship with his wife and a bright outlook on life. He is very dedicated to his wife and would do anything for her. Before he overcomes the witches, killing Duncan wasn't the thoughts in his minds. At that time evil was growing inside him but the evil became stronger when lady Macbeth told him to murder Duncan as well. From a humane and caring person he became a vile one and started murdering a lot of the people including Macduff's wife and children. Even the relationship with changed as he was feeling too guilty about the murder he has done he didn't pay much attention to lady Macbeth. ...read more.


He doesn't even need the encouragement from lady Macbeth so he started ignoring her. He didn't even give an emotional sight to her death. King Duncan has powerful effects on him. The temptation to be on the throne is just irresistible to Macbeth. The dagger can also be one of the imaginary sights or just a trick played by the witches. Macbeth thought that the witches would help him throughout the whole murder incident but it just made matters worse, he killed Duncan's guards, banquo and Macduff's family. Macbeth doesn't think before he takes his actions, losing his wife, no one to talk too, very lonely and no satisfaction from being a king. Macbeth was totally depressed and would spend most of time thinking about his life. ...read more.


During Macduff's arrival, lady Macbeth committed suicide; Macbeth showed no reaction to it, no tears to the fact that the woman he loved ha just died. Macbeth knew he had lost everything, his wife, his throne and his life. Therefore he wondered how life would have been if he didn't kill king Duncan. Concluding my essay, Macbeth was ambitious, brave and courageous but he threw it all away when his evil side took over. He became more lonely and started seeing things that no one else could. He could have achieved a lot if he had stayed as the Thane of Cawdor. He would have got respect and love from the people. He also would have been happily married but he let his conscience fall apart and let the evil take over him. 1 ...read more.

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