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Charity TBH

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Do you think you can't afford to give money to charity? Well stop and consider how easy it is for us to find just a few more pounds, pounds that are desperately needed. Every day, 50,000 people die of poverty-related causes. They never get the chance to buy a pint, a magazine or a CD. Juliet, a fragile and innocent child, lives in Sudan. Five years ago her mother died. To survive she had to raise money begging. STOP POVERTY NOW... Donate!!! Now I know what you're thinking. Oh lord! Not more heart-wrenching propaganda. Good effort, but you have barely frayed heartstrings. ...read more.


If I want to see food available to homeless people in my community, I can donate to the local shelters. If I want to fight global warming, there are plenty of organizations that are fighting for such change. The real question is whether you have found something with enough importance to you to speak out with your cash. Perhaps I have an unusual perspective because I was born in India and grew up with beggars on the street - people in various states of distress who intruded to solicit alms. Sometimes we gave them a couple of coins, but most often we ignored them. ...read more.


I don't think, like many do, that whether or not you give to charity is a sign of whether you're a good person or not. I know some very wonderful people who don't give to charities and I also know some people who give to charities that I wouldn't trust my child around. A person should only give to a charity if they truly feel it is the right thing to do with their money - if it doesn't feel right, don't donate. In short, even if you don't donate any of your income to charity right now or you don't see the purpose, don't close your mind or your heart to the idea. When the right reason comes to you, open up your wallet and see what happens. intwined ...read more.

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