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Charles dickens is a famous writer who wrote a Novel called A Christmas Carol; it has a Christmas message for those people who do not appreciate Christmas.

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Charles dickens is a famous writer who wrote a Novel called A Christmas Carol; it has a Christmas message for those people who do not appreciate Christmas. The main characters are Scrooge and the Bob Crotchets and his family. Scrooge is a miser and old guy who all always think about profit and subjects to do with money. Scrooge has to transform him self before he causes trouble he has caused enough trouble as it is. The character bob crotchet is a sad man who can't get medical help for his cripple child tiny Tim because scrooge does not pay him enough. Scrooge has to change to save tiny Tim from dyeing. On Christmas Eve, three ghosts come and visit him, before the ghosts comes, Morley, Scrooges old partner (who died 7 years ago on Christmas eve) come to see him and warns him to change his behaviour or scrooge will have to suffer the consequences. Scrooge later on discovers that if he does not change his behaviour tiny Tim will die of his cripple ness. Scrooge's attitude has proved that he his acting horridly and harshly towards people who say Merry Christmas to him. Scrooge is so mean that he replies back to his nephew with such ignorance. ...read more.


The ghost has this power, which makes scrooge understand his errors. The ghost has like a ray of light whizzing through his thick skull extinguishing the ray of light when he feels the momentum that he is unable to bear any of the past memories that the sprit has shown him, By showing scrooge his unleashing and revealing past When scrooge sees his past, the ghost makes him realize that he has changed since he was in his childhood, to a money making freak. Now moving on to ghost o the Christmas present, he is a friendly tall giant who is generous and who shows scrooge, his nephew and the crotchets what they are up to in Christmas. Scrooge's only nephew Fred and his clerk bob crotchet send him good will. Scrooge either ignores them or says, 'bah hum bug'. As time passes the ghost gets older because time is close to what it seems. This is the ghost of the Christmas future, who is a dark gloomy phantom ghost kind of creature, it does not speak but points to tell scrooge about what is going to happen, the creature shows scrooge that he is going to die, and it is a sad scene. Scrooge begs the creatures that can his destiny can be change if he changes his ways towards people but the creature does not answer him. ...read more.


Fran, Ebenezer's Scrooge's youngest sister whom loved dearly, but died at a young age. This what scrooge said after the ghosts have seen him, 'I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year. I will live in past present and the future. The spirits of all three thrive within Me.' it moves to the description of scrooge is that he was such a accumulator that even coldest days, he insisted on saving money by burning less coal as possible. Even on Christmas Eve his clerk bob crotchet suffers through the cold because he is afraid to ask scrooge for more coal. Here is a quote due to his wicked ness. 'If they would rather die, ... they had better decrease the surplus population.' And after he has changed massively during the encounters of the ghosts and he dresses to see his only nephew who actually respects scrooge and tries to make scrooge believe in Christmas. Scrooge is very happy that he has made a lot of friends and that he has changed in to a new man. Conclusion A Christmas carol is a novel written by Charles dickens. It expresses the work ability to surpass the boundaries of the time in which it was remained a popular piece of drama and literature with more than a century after it was first published back in 1836. Saboor Shafique 10H 33238 ...read more.

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