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Charlie with a Y - creative writing.

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Created by Charlotte Sissons Charlie with a Y 22nd of June 1993. That was the first day of the rest of my life. So how come I come I have no memory of it until I was three. My first memory was when we were on a ferry to go to live on the Isle of Wight and I looked back at England and I saw a windsurfer. Yes I didn't know it was called that then all I knew was that there was on a man holding on to what my step-dad calls 'a handkerchief and ironing board' well he was holding on for dear life, going back towards England. When years after, well Year 5. I had the chance to go windsurfing with the school and I had the same experience. Ok it wasn't on the sea and yes it was only a 1.5 sail but I moved after 6 weeks of hard work falling off and climbing on I moved for longer than a few seconds! ...read more.


Well we fell out of the English room and Steff picked up the other end of the door handle and chucked it back in the room. The door was as good as locked! I didn't see Steff again until English in that same room, when Mr Williams announced that they had problems with the door and it was related to 'two blondes'. That night at home I broke my bedroom door, and the Kitchen door. I was cursed with breaking doors for the next 3 days. This isn't the first time I have had an accident at school. In Year 8 in food tech. I was in a group with Dean Sargent and Danielli Schiavi and we was just washing up. After making some scones (I think) and Dean passed me the chopping board after he washed it but it slipped through his hands and landed on my ankle. ...read more.


That is about my life well the interesting parts anyway. I doubt anyone will want to hear about me but I am not as boring as everyone thinks I am. Come on World Windsurfing Champion under 22, The junior Olympic Squad, my name down for the Olympics and yet I still have time to be an extreme sports coach of rock climbing, windsurfing, street surfing, sailing, snowboarding, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, powerboating and a little bit of tobogganing now and a again but I also have been a member of the Stamford pantomime players since I was three, have had many serious principle parts, sang a few solo's got to grade 6 singing with distinction and I still hang out with mates at school only but hey I have mates around the world, and windsurfing with mates in Dubai Egypt is a great excuse to get a tan and have fun but there is so much more to do than that. Yes I am behind in coursework and most teachers are going to kill me but better late than never. I hope!!! Charly Sissons ...read more.

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