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Charlotte's Web is a moving story about farm animals.

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Charlotte's Web is a moving story about farm animals. Many writers use abstract and abstruse diction to interpret a particular idea but E. B. White is different. The language used, the style, and the plots in this book are very humorous that I find it so impressive. The author, E. B. White, excels in creating animal characters that can talk and feel normally like humans as a simple farm was depicted as a lively family. Wilbur, the protagonist, is a runt among a litter of pigs. He would be slaughtered if Fern, the farmer's daughter, didn't stop his father from killing the pig. Persuaded by Fern, Wilbur is looked after by Fern meticulously and is later sent to the Zuckermans' barn, where he encounters other farm animals and a spider called Charlotte. As the days goes by, Wilbur gains quite a lot of weight, but it is a nightmare for him because as the experienced old sheep in the barn has said, the farmers are fattening him up to 'turn him into smoked bacon and ham'. ...read more.


However, good times don't last long for Charlotte, as she becomes feebler and feebler and she dies soon after Wilbur's triumph, leaving an egg sac which carries all her eggs. Eventually, Wilbur, being the best friend of her, brings the egg sac home for Charlotte's sake and he is glad to see her next generation later in spring. You may find it ridiculous to come across such unusual friendship - friendship between a spider and a pig. They belong to two animal species which are worlds apart. Spiders are cold-blooded and always occupy dark corners, capturing insects; while pigs are mammals that are used to living under warm sunlight and hoping to be fed. See the difference? However, this story conveys to us a message that a sincere friendship will not be wavered by external factors such as nationalities, religions and family backgrounds. Charlotte and Wilbur are good examples. Charlotte, although feeling weary and is about to lay eggs, comes with Wilbur to the fair because she things he would need her. On the other hand, Wilbur tries hard to convince a rat called Templeton to get the egg sac for him because Templeton can reach the sac high above Wilbur. ...read more.


I am especially touched in what Charlotte has said before she died, 'After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you (Wilbur), perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that. ' Life is not in our control, so we cannot blame ourselves for a short life. The most important thing is that, we have a significant life. It is just like a candle burning at both ends. Although the time for burning the candle is much shorter, the blaze is more splendid and brilliant and the surroundings can be brightly lit. There are many ways to make the candle burn more magnificently. For example, as Charlotte said, helping Wilbur can 'lift up her life a trifle'; that means, if we help others too, we are trying to cultivate our mind, and we are taking pleasure in helping those in need. Finally, I hope that everyone can find confidence along the broad road of life, also seek for real happiness and true friends, and weave a beautiful life through love and friendship! ...read more.

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