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Chart Stevens' realisation that Lord Darlington was not a "great man" and show how the author has integrated this into Stevens' developing personality

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Adele Cotterell Chart Stevens' realisation that Lord Darlington was not a "great man" and show how the author has integrated this into Stevens' developing personality The novel "Remains of the day" is told mostly through Stevens' memories on his life. One of the most influential characters in his past is Lord Darlington. Throughout the story Stevens reflects on their relationship, we see that the further away Stevens travels from Darlington hall, the more he realises the man he had dedicated most of his life to serving, wasn't the "Great man" he had convinced himself he was. One of our first recollections of Lord Darlington is when Stevens is packing for his trip, He says: "I am in the possession of a number of splendid suits, kindly passed onto me by Lord Darlington himself" From this quotation, Lord Darlington seems like the perfect employer, someone worthy of Stevens' respect, The Lord of this grand old English house handing down his own suits to the butler. The impression that we are left with, just before Stevens embarks on his life changing journey is that Lord Darlington is a generous and caring employer to his staff. ...read more.


It is like a painful comedy to the reader, with once again Stevens being at the receiving end of it. It is obvious to the reader, though not yet to Stevens how much more embarrassing the latter situation was. Another embarrassing situation that Lord Darlington could have stopped was when he had two men around for supper to discuss the current world affairs, they found it highly amusing to humiliate Stevens for several minutes by asking him about political views etc. It was clear to both men and Lord Darlington himself that Stevens had no answers to their questions but instead of putting an end to it, they concluded "You may as well ask a committee of the mother's union The one man was using Stevens as a mere porn to get his point across to the other, while Lord Darlington stood by and watched his head butler get humiliated. Stevens recalls it as a rather painful memory, but not one of the most difficult he has been with faced with in his time. ...read more.


It was like Mr Lewis had said "His Lordship was an ameteur" Acting on noble instincts, he really had no idea what was going on in Europe or the world around him, he was just standing up for his mate, and having his mind changed by people in control, who were using him as a porn. He was allowing himself to be intimidated by an educated woman, this should have shown Stevens of Lord Darlington's intentions. To conclude, Stevens has spent the majority of his life serving what he thought was a "Great man". He keeps trying to defend and justify Lord Darlington's actions throughout the novel, because he doesn't want to deal with the fact that his life has been based on lies, serving a man that neither respected him, nor deserved respect from him. His actions and motivations came from pressures and through friendships not as Stevens once thought to see justice spread throughout the world. The further away from Darlington Hall Stevens travels the more independent he becomes, seeing the world first hand not having to rely on books and second hand knowledge. This brings a whole new foundation for him to accept what and who his previous employer was. ...read more.

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