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Chicken Run Portrayal of Good & Evil

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Chicken run Life on Tweedy's Lancashire Chicken Farm is bleak & dreary and chickens that don't lay daily end up on the Tweedy's dinner table. The Coop is a barren wasteland & one perky chicken, Ginger dreams of open fields beyond the hills that are visible over the fence. Alas, her escape plans always seem to go terribly amiss, often because of the stupidity and ignorance of her fellow coop mates, and she always comes away taking the blame for it all and being thrown into solitary confinement for a few days. The storyline of Chicken Run touches rather vague contents of intertextuality, that's because it loosely uses famous scenes and happenings from the classic adventure that is always show at Christmas time, The Great Escape. ...read more.


She tells her henpecked Feather Brained Husband, Mr. Tweedy that it is simple "Chickens go in, pies come out." This resolution is very typical of this character. The absence of compassion is obvious from the first time we see her, her voice in the line "Mr. Tweedy, what is this chicken doing outside the fence." Is rather deep and gravely which is usually the type of voice for a Male character. Camera angles are cleverly used in the film, forever giving the sense of status for each character they are concentrating on, For example whenever Mrs. Tweedy enters the coop there is always a high angled shot looking up at her from the chickens view. ...read more.


Lighting is well used in the film to give us (the audience) a deeper understanding of the characters personalities. Some excellent examples of this are when Mrs. Tweedy is in her living room calculating the profits and losses the atmosphere is very dull and dreary, there is hardly any light what so ever, all the furniture is all made of dark wood which will not reflect any light. Another example is when the pie machine arrives in the barn it is a bleak room with the light and reflection of Mrs. Tweedy's face reflecting off of the sharp, sinister looking blade as it spins violently. Overall the use of theatrical elements is manipulated extremely well to reveal the true personality and life style that the characters in this movie lead. ...read more.

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