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Child development - visit 2

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Date: 25th September Time: 1-3pm Place: pub/restaurant (Jack's party) People Present: me, Jack and also his family and friends Aims and Planning: For visit 2 I am going to attend Jack's fourth birthday party. I am invited anyway so there won't be a problem organising for me to go. Jack is 4 on the 22nd of September but his birthday is on the Saturday. Jack will be playing in the ball pit for a while, having dinner and then blowing out his candles. I will ask Jack's Mum if I can carry out a few activities with him and his friends. This visit plan will help me observe all areas of Jack's development. I will arrive to the party around 1.15pm (late) so Jack is very involved in his playing in the ball pit. I will watch Jack to see if he is playing with his friends (joining-in play) or if he is playing alone (solitary play). After Jack has had his dinner with his friends I will carry out the first activity with them, let him blow out his candles, and then do another one. The first activity is called 'wiggle a skipping rope' (this activity was taken from 'Practical Parenting, February 2001'). Me and Jack's Mum will hold and end each of a skipping rope and wiggle it along the ground and get each child to jump over it without touching it. ...read more.


I expect him to be 'shy when he meets new people' such as his friends parents. Social Development In this visit I don't really know what to expect from Jack as he didn't interact with any children (when he had the opportunity) in visit 1 but this might have been a bad day for Jack as he may have been tired etc. according to the norm in the book I have been using for these expectations Jack should 'show interest in other children' at his age. These expectations were taken from 'Child Development' by 'Brennand, Fairclough, Hall, Nicholson and Rees'. Observations: I arrived at Jack's party at 1.15pm and Jack was busy playing. He didn't notice me and Jack's Mum, Sam, told me that Jack was waiting for me to come. Physical Development Whilst I was watching Jack in the ball pit he was climbing on everything and he seemed to enjoy jumping from the steps into the middle of the balls making as much noise as possible when he was doing it. After Jack has his lunch(at the table with all his friends) I carried out one of the activities I had planned called 'wiggle a skipping rope'. Jack sometimes hopped over the skipping rope instead of jumping as some of the children were younger than him and couldn't hop it seemed as if he was showing off. ...read more.


Emotional Development Jack showed a lot of emotion throughout this visit such as giggling and crying, and they were all within reason. Throughout the 4 years Jack has lived he has obviously learnt how to show his emotions clearly. Social Development Jack seemed much more sociable in this visit than in visit 1. he played and spoke to babies, children his age and adults, and didn't show any shyness throughout his birthday party. The 'norms' in the evaluation were extracted from 'Child Development' by 'Brennand, Fairclough, Hall, Nicholson and Rees'. Conclusion: At the age of 4 some children may not like going to the park and play areas and things such as and rather stay indoors and play alone, but Jack enjoys things like this very much and is a very active child. Jack likes doing these things as he always has the opportunities to do things like this. Therefore this was the a good time to observe him as he was at his happiest. He socialised with other children and showed his emotions clearly. The only things Jack was below the norm in is his speech and I think is because he was talking to people his own age and younger and he felt more comfortable talking that way as he always talks to me, his Mum and his Dad using a wide range of vocabulary. In visit 3 I will try to encourage these things again and bring out Jack's best qualities. ...read more.

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