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childhood experiance.

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It was another day in my life and I treated it like any other. As usual I got up and ready for school as normal and I was on my way to school, I met my friend Jamie, so I continued the rest of the journey with him. When we arrived at school we went to our classroom to meet the rest of our friends. The day was going along slowly and I was anxious to get out of the classroom to play football on the field. The bell rang and the whole school erupted as all the children ran outside onto the field. We started playing football and there was only half the break time left before we had to go back in. by then I felt a bit dizzy, but I ignored it and carried on thinking it would stop. ...read more.


It got better because the needles I had in my arms were taken out and I was free to move around. The doctor came to do a random check up and ask a few questions. Firstly he tested my blood pressure, then my heart rate. Next he asked how I was feeling. I replied that I was great as if the incident had never occurred, even though it had. He then went away with a clipboard and was writing something as he went off into the distance. By now I was getting used to the hospital, the interior, the noise of babies crying and the smell of disinfectant because it wasn't the first time this had happened. Next my grandparents left knowing I was safe, I gave my Granddad a handshake and my Nan a kiss before they departed. ...read more.


In the morning I arose from my bed only to find my parents already there waiting to take me home, so I rushed to get ready so I could escape from this place. As soon as I got home I turned on the television and watched. Then there was a knock at the door, it was my friend Adam and he had an envelope for me. I opened it and it was a card from my whole class all signed by every one of them. I was excited because it was out of the blue, so unexpected. He stayed at mine for a while and we played on my games console. I got on with life as normal and I still have that card to this very day so I can remember the good memories of that event. Since being on the medication I haven't had a fit at all, so far. ...read more.

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