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Childhood Memories

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Childhood Memories "Are you ready Adam?" "Why, Mummy?" "What! Are you not ready? Why I should..." I didn't know why mummy was shouting; I hadn't done anything, or was that the problem? Anyways my dad then grabbed my hand and took me to the car. He whispered " Just wait hear, Daddy has to talk to mummy for a minute" Mummy then came out of the house with a face to match the colour of her jumper. Red. She stormed into the car and sat down and said nothing. I didn't know what was wrong, only that mummy was very cross. Daddy then got into the car. There was quiet. I don't like quiet, its weird and scary. Daddy then drove the car of the drive and drove, where I didn't know. "Are we nearly there yet?" "No" "Where are we going?" "Just wait and see, just wait and see" Then we stopped. We were outside a giant place, I was shore I had seen it before but I couldn't remember when. Then I saw it. There was an amazing sight. It was a giant ball. It was like a massive giant football, only a million billion times bigger. On the front it had 'Manchester airport' then my daddy drove to a massive car sale; it was full of cars with stickers in the window saying 23.09.2000. ...read more.


I chewed and chewed but the pain wouldn't go. Then all of a suddenly my ears went 'pop', and the pain went. Soon the pain went. I could now lay with the T.V. I pressed the buttons but nothing seemed to happen. I tried and tried and soon I felt tired, so tired, I went to sleep. I woke up because of a loud noise. A sign was flashing above my head and mummy told me to but my seat belt on. Next, there was an even louder noise from outside. 'Brrr...' "Mummy, my ears are hurting again" "That's because we're landing" "Landing?" "Yes were going to touch down in America soon" "Touch down?" "For the last time. The plane will come into America soon." "America?" "I give up." With a loud screeching noise our wheels hit the floor. We were in America, although I wasn't quite sure what or where 'America' was. It seemed like we were in Leigh. No funny coloured people or people speaking weird. Just people. Lots of People. Like when I watched football, there was a lot of people there; hundred million billion trillion. Then I looked up from my dream world. "Where is my mummy?" I cried and screamed, and then a gentle hand was put on my shoulder "Mummy?" ...read more.


Mummy didn't buy me ice cream, daddy would have. I love my mummy. I love daddy, but I like it more when they like each other. When we got back to the hotel, mummy dashed upstairs and opened our hotel door, opened her arms, but nobody was there. Mummy's face went sad. She just fell on the bed and cried. She cried even more than me. I went to lie on bed but when I lay down a funny noise came from the bed. 'Crrr...' I looked down and there was a piece of paper on the bed. I tried to read it the best I could but I only could make out 2 words. Love Daddy. After Mummy read that note, she cried and cried, then she took me to the car, we got in and she started driving. She was driving very fast and people were waving at her and saying 'nice driving Miss'. I don't know why they liked her, they didn't even know her. Soon we arrived at the airport and she ran in with me trailing behind. She ran and ran, I kept asking where we were going but she never answered. Surprisingly out of nowhere was daddy. My and mummy hugged him harder than ever. Mummy and daddy then kissed and cried. I was happy; happier than the time I was student of the year. Finally we were a family again. ...read more.

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