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Childhood Memories.

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Childhood Memories Whenever I remember the small village that I was once part of I always remember blue skies and hot days. I spent the majority of my childhood in a small village along the coast of Italy. Strangely, we all spoke English but were taught Italian. If we ever travelled into other towns my mother would speak Italian but I could never fully understand, she spoke so fluently and quickly. She stayed at home everyday, apart from Tuesdays and Thursdays when she would help out at the bakery. Every evening after working in the bakery a fresh warm loaf and hot cherry or apple pie was for dinner. Occasionally she would bring home any leftover cakes or Danish pastries, which we would take into school the next day. My father's job on the other hand was very different; he worked Mondays to Fridays, went early and came home late. He often travelled all over the world trying to secure business deals. "The only way I can make money, to buy you those fancy clothes" he said time and time again. Of course when I was younger I believed that your credit card was a constant flow of money so there was no need for jobs. ...read more.


Charlie didn't take too fondly to our way of life and detested spending much time in the village. Instead, he went on long expensive trips, to theme parks, zoos and shopping malls with his mother and father, who spoiled him rotten. I can understand why Charlie's parents needed a holiday, but couldn't understand why they took him with them. Charlie followed his father in size, quite bulky with a small neck, short brown hair and small squinty eyes. He declared that anybody smaller than him should follow his orders. More often than not he froze in his tracks when he saw me, expecting me to obey his commands. But, I had been brought up to ignore silly behaviour like that and had been taught that everybody is equal. Still this didn't influence him much. One sunny Saturday morning my father was building a gateway for our garden, so we decided to play in the sand, at the beach. We were perfecting our tortoise sand animal for the competition in 3 weeks time. Charlie was also perfecting his sculptural. Charlie's animal wasn't quite up to our standard and this outraged him. His pathetic attempt of a snake looked more like a trail of goose footprints. ...read more.


When looking back, all the time spent in Italy was great, I cant imagine a better childhood. Perhaps if there were no school and I had an annual pass to Disneyland Florida, in one of those spacious houses and the ice vending machines. On the other hand a day full of hot sun in the Caribbean isles, where time is merely a phrase could be exciting. These are wonders I will never know, as my childhood is nearly over, but I can look back and say that I have lived my early days to the full. I'm still not quite ready to grow up but mature is what I have done. I wish I still lived there in some ways. I could write for years explaining all my adventurous tales but they never appear quite as good on paper as the real memories in your head. Sometimes when I miss the crisp early mornings and hot golden sand I take a photo album, sit and stare, reliving those times. Photos are one thing, they can trigger our memories but they can't explain the atmosphere and wondrous treasures that lie within each soul. That is why our memories are the most important part of us, along with our hearts for if we didn't have those, our compassion to the others wouldn't exist and where would we be without love. Rhianna Ingram 10Y ...read more.

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