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Childhood memory - Chteau Des Ormes.

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Childhood memory - Ch�teau Des Ormes (2nd draft) Kate Warrick 10C2 As the blurs of different colours speeded past me along Andover road, I drifted away dreaming about seeing my cousin again, the warm sunshine and clear swimming pools. I couldn't believe I was going away the day to follow. It seemed like years ago I was sitting in my room, on the phone organizing this holiday with my cousin. As the Friday evening traffic died down I roused from my daydream and sprinted across the gloomy road. I ran, excited and impatient until I was on my bed scribbling down my homework. My schoolbooks were quickly thrown aside as I started to repack my bulging bags. As I refolded my clothes smaller and smaller, the doorbell sounded and I jumped up to answer it. Rushing along the dark corridor turned into an obstacle course as I tried to get around the packed bags blocking my way. Finally I arrived at the oak front door. Reaching up to open it slowly, inch by inch I revealed my cousin and her dad standing on my doorstep. The few small red bags clutched by Kayleigh instantly fell to the floor as we were reunited. We collected my cousin's bags and stumbled back to my room; talking and talking, making up for lost time. We were both really tiered but Kayleigh especially as she had just traveled, four-hour journey along the motorways in her small blue car. I rarely saw her as she lived so far away so this was a special occasion. ...read more.


Later that evening we met up with my parents in the bar. Dad asked if I had shown Kayleigh the campsite, which I hadn't, so after a few drinks we went exploring. We didn't realize how dark it had got until we crossed the golf course. In the center of the large grassy area it was nearly pitch black, yet still quite warm. The ch�teaux looked like the Wendy houses I used to play in when I was smaller but these were holiday homes. The palomino ponies were nice and warm inside their stables; quietly chewing on their hay as we sneak passed them in order not to scare them. As we got nearer the pub we could hear the laughter of the holidaymakers enjoying themselves. The disco lights were shining brightly across the street of this little town. The swimming pool was lit up so beautifully but only the ducks were splashing around, taking advantage of the peaceful water. As the shop and all the other facilities were closed at this late at night we turned back and slowly walked towards the hotel, talking and enjoying the time together. Back in our hotel room we had unpacked and made the room just how we wanted it to be for our home during the next week. With our beds pushed together and our clothes all over the floor we fell into the land of dreams easily after such a tiring but wonderful day. A harsh knock came from the door and awoke my cousin and I. ...read more.


After a few miles my head changed thoughts from the campsite to the boat trip home and I became nervous again. I had made it here and had a great time so I knew I could make it home but I can and I will are two totally different things. As we drove into the boat everything was the same; the men still had bright jackets and I was still scared. Making our way to the decks I decided I couldn't be bothered to be scared and once we were a-sail I fell asleep. My dad awoke me once we had docked; we queued to find our car and then were unloaded. Back in England, it was raining and cold as we drove along the motorways back to Newbury. Once home we quickly dropped off our bags then drove to my granddads where we dropped Kayleigh off with her family to drive home. I was really upset to see my cousin and I separate again but we were already making arrangements for next August when my parents would be away. As I was driven home alone, my head droops and rests against the window. Rain still falling on the other side it is most depressing. As I thought about unpacking my clothes tears fall down my face. I wanted to be back in France, I wanted to be with my cousin instead of going back to school tomorrow and returning to all my fears and problems. As dad pulled up in our driveway I got out and slowly walked towards my Oak door, this is where my journey started and this is where it ended. Mark: A 43 marks GCSE coursework ...read more.

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