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childhood memory

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Childhood Memory English Coursework Me, being a very curious ten year old girl was not one to listen and obey my mother especially when she says "Don't go in there!" The ball I was playing with fell down the basement stairs. Mother always said to never go down there as there were ghosts and only naughty girls would dare to venture in there. Me being a mature girl never believed in the make-believe ghosts. I didn't even believe in them when I was small. I strode down the cold steps to the basement door. It was freezing and the basement door was very old and heavy, made of strong oak with iron bars across it. ...read more.


There many cobwebs around me, glistening a silver colour as the light bounced off them. I decided to venture the basement to start exploring. I took two tentative footsteps inside. Suddenly, the door shut close with a loud heavy thump. Now I was scared and started to panic. I tried opening the door but it would not open. I thought to my self that I must have been a self-locking door. I tried opening it again, but it would not unbolt. I felt claustrophobic, even though there was a lot of space around me with that little window hidden in the corner. I felt my heartbeat go erratic. My pulse was racing. So many questions ran through my head. Why did I have to come down here? ...read more.


I looked up at my mum, truly scared of what she might do. I had been a very naughty girl. However, as usual, she seemed to have a very soft face. She did not appear angry at all. She saw my face and how frightened I was. She switched something on and light shone into the room. I breathed a sign of relief. I looked around the basement and saw old boxes that looked worn away, and furniture that was torn and shredded and my old baby equipment. The basement was nothing but a storage room for all the junk we had I the house. It seemed silly and ridiculous to be scared of a storage room. The mystery of the mysterious basement was discovered. To this day, as I pass the stairs to the basement, I smile at the stupid thing that I did. ...read more.

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