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Childhood story

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Childhood story The day started as a usual Saturday does when your eight years old, up at nine o'clock ready and raring to go for another exciting weekend full of promise. Jumping up and out of bed, pulling on my clothes and running straight downstairs forgetting about the more important things such as cleaning my teeth and getting a wash. I burst into my front room, turning the television on I walked into the kitchen. Grabbing my favourite bowl I poured in a generous helping of weetos, topping the bowl up with milk I re-entered the front room. Of course on the television were the same old children's cartoons that in wasted hours of my youthful life watching. Finishing off the cereal I just dumped my empty bowl on the nearest table. Sitting myself back down I heard my mum shouting my name from upstairs. ...read more.


My sister came downstairs and entered the front room where I was sat. I had already wished her happy birthday by this time and she exclaimed, "have you seen what I've got for my birthday?" To be honest I didn't really care but I didn't know then that one of her presents would change how I look for the rest of my life! She began to announce what she had been given "I've got some new dolls, hairbrushes, clothes and roller-skates" I wasn't at all interested in any of this stuff but I had to be polite, so I juts answered back "oh very nice" This encounter was the only thing of importance for a few hours. The next thing of interest was my sister had been trying her roller-skates on. She had been rolling up and down on the carpeted landing. ...read more.


I knew what was going to happen but I was powerless to stop it. My head came crashing into the edge of the protruding radiator, cutting a deep hole into my skull. The pain hit me like a sledgehammer, blood filled my eyes as I began to scream. I could hardly see, everything was red, all I could make out were shapes. I heard people around me but that was the last thing I could remember. Four hours later I awoke in hospital with a big bandage around my head. The doctor was talking to my parents as I opened my eyes. They both saw me sitting up and ran straight over to me. Both were wrapping their arms around me. I asked what had happened, they explained to me my head had to glued and it would most probably scar! All I could think about though was the smell of Kentucky fried chicken coming from the bed next to me! ...read more.

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