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Children's Politics.

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Children's Politics In a land far away, there is a big, blue, bulging, terrible troublesome Tory Monster. Not many parents like him because they think he is horrible, the children defiantly do not like as because they are like you, young, clever, funny and are much too nice for the terrible nasty Tory Monster. Lots of parents and children like the ravishing, red, rosy cheeked, lovely, likeable Labour Monster. He looks really funny because whenever he stands up he leans to the right a bit and sometimes leans so far to the right he falls over! This makes the nice children laugh and clap and like him but some parents find it scary, because it makes a big BANG! Guess What? There is ANOTHER monster, unfortunately this monster is a lot smaller than the other two, he is the yellow, yearning, yapping, loving, laughable Lib Dem Monster. ...read more.


Lots of your mummies and daddies don't like that, it is quite mean, maybe he is a bit of a meanie. Actually he can be very nice sometimes he gives children lots of Mars bars when they are born so they can have more chances and money for things when they are older, children who don't as many mars bars as others when they are born get extra mars bars to help them more, that's very nice of him isn't it, so all you lot get extra Mars bars for when you are older because of the Red Monster, maybe he IS a goodie Monster. The Blue Monster is second biggest so is second in charge, he always used to be the biggest and in charge but now he has gone a bit crazy and changes what he thinks about stuff all the time. ...read more.


I bet you have said that a few times haven't you. He wants to change how we decide which Monster we like best because sometimes the Monster who most people like isn't in charge. Yellow Monster also wants the parents with lots of mars bars, to give him extra mars bars so he can use them to get lots of good teachers and medicine That is all the monsters, some parents think the blue monster is too mean and horrible because he only likes you if you have lots of mars bars. Some parents think Red Monster is not very safe because he keeps falling over on his right and told fibs about going to fight with another monster from another country, and we know telling porky pies is naughty. But Poor Yellow Monster, nearly everyone thinks he is too titchy even though he is very nice, which Monster do you like best? 750 Words - Speech to 4-7 year old children at a school while being aired on the Daily Politics Show. ...read more.

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