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Children's story - Bella and the Fox

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Kieran Yates - Children's story Bella and the Fox If you go into the woods Past the tallest trees Through the bramble bushes Across the babbling brook And over the daisy filled field, You will come to a grove. There you will find hundreds of fairies Each fairy has there own special power, There is one, who can sing, One who can dance And even one who makes underpants. But I'm not hear to tell you about those fairies I'm here to tell you about just one A fairy named Bellatrix Amelia Rose Holly Marie Leone Maple But, for the sake of the story let's just call her Bella Bella lived in the grove Amongst the honey suckle plants Next door to the fairy that makes underpants But Bella you see she could not knit, or sing, Or dance or make underpants. She had no powers And this made her very unhappy Every day she would go to school And all the other fairies would learn magic They would learn how to use there powers But not Bella, she would learn how to cook, clean and sew Without the use of magic. ...read more.


All there other student were screaming and running around "Freeze!" shouted the teacher, and just like that everyone froze on the spot. "Nobody panic I want you all to make your way to the school hall immediately" the teacher said calmly. One by one the children walked out of the classroom and down to the hall, When they got there they all sat down and in came the headmistress, Just as she was about to say something there was a loud scream and everyone panicked when the fox appeared at the window. As they all ran to get out of the school Bella was knocked onto the floor She couldn't get up and they all left her behind. "Why are you running" someone said, but who Bella was the only one there. "Oh, I'm lost I wish someone would talk to me" the sweet gentle voice said again. "Who are you? Where are you?" Bella Shouted "I'm here outside" the voice said again. ...read more.


As they past the tall oak tree max cried "Hey I remember now my friends will be over there just over that hill." He ran over the hill and surely enough he was right there were his friends "Thank you" max said to Bella "Thank you to, without you I never would have realised is could talk to animals." Bella replied The two friends said there goodbye's and Bella set off on the journey home laughing and joking with all the animals she met on the way. When she got back to the village the other fairies flooded to see her. "We thought you had been eaten!" Jessica yelled Bella explained to the towns' people that he was just lost and then amazed everyone by telling them about her power. From then on Bella used her power to help the grove and to get all the animals of the forest to befriend all of the fairies and now is the most famous fairy in the forest. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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