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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming, a plot summary.

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Book Reviews Title: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Type/Theme: adventure Author: Ian Fleming Plot Location: Great London Time period: 1940's Plot Summary: An anonymous family, who lived near the coast of England, was up for a surprise they were totally oblivious to. The father, who was an inventor and a keen explorer, had been in the Royal Army for abundant years. The mother, who bore him two children, worked at the house doing her housework. Of the two children Jeremy was the closest to his dad's personality, which was cheerful and high spirits. Jemima, who was golden haired, had the characteristics of her mother. They had the superlative house, the beaches and sun, woods and wildlife and a motorway, which was near their house. But the truth of the matter was they hadn't got enough money to buy a car. Content they were not: as an inventor Commander Pott as they would call him, he did get quite a lot of stick and slack from neighbours calling his inventions useless. One day he was completely absorbed into his work and work night and day in the back garage. Outsiders heard on invitingly as from the garage came an array of mysterious sounds; the finished product was finished, it was some sweets with some holes in them. He gave each Jeremy and Jemima each one and told them to try them out; minutes later they found that the much sought after product were just ordinary sweets with holes in them. ...read more.


All four of them ardently waited to see what was going to occur next. There came a shrill of mechanical bolts and bobs turning, then the car started to fly in mid-air. All the tiny cars and their tiny drivers seem to look in astonishment, the winged car flew past every building and they had reached sea. They bother not to stop but continued and soon enough, they realize they had a problem. Commander Pott had only put enough petrol for a short ride; the car was nearly out of fuel and they were stranded in the middle of the English Channel. Out of nowhere on the convoluted dashboard a green light flashed hungrily signifying, 'Push the lever up.' Consequently the car plummeted down as if though out of fuel, but as it drew near to the water, the car slowed down and swiftly all four wheels turned inside. The bulky wheels now propelled them through the water out of harm. Sooner or later they had stumbled across a beach with a colossal cluster of cliffs. They wondered onto the beach, finding no one around and they discovered a concealed cave. They went in with the car and inside they found a vast amount of giant crates and medium sized boxes. Further expansion had got them into a world of guns, arms and ammo. All the boxes and crates contained firearms and gunpowder. ...read more.


She was always behind her bro, who was simply the more courageous of them. Events: The Garage sale When the money received from the sale of Commander Pott's invention was collected, they searched everywhere for the perfect car but all did not suit Commander Pott's choice. On the second day the whole family advanced to the only place where he could get a car that he hadn't been to; the rusty old garage was equally matched by a rusty old man. The old man took them around to the back and showed them what he was offering. He tells about how the car has been on every racetrack in Europe and in the past there wasn't a famous driver, who hadn't driven as he would to refer it as her. The Paragon Panther was the only car made and its rarity is exceptionally valuable; after the production of this car, the company was bankrupt. When Commander Pott had did all his inspections, he brought the car and therefore saving it from the graveyard of car scraps. Now Commander Pott please with his purchase walk away into the taxi, the others followed: Jeremy and Jemima turn back to look once more and discovered that the number plate engraved the text, 'Gen 11.' This spelt the word 'Genii,' a word for presumably magic and wonders: the longer they thought the more curious they became. What did I enjoy most: The many different views all placed on one book. It had immaculate number of small adventures. What did I enjoyed least: Danny Man Book Reviews ...read more.

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