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Choices - I knew I should've turned back the moment I stepped off the plane.

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I knew I should've turned back the moment I stepped off the plane. Instead of getting the sudden rush of immense humidity that tends to suffocate you when arrive in such an exotic location. There was nothing, nothing at all. If anything there was a slight chill in the air, which was incredibly disturbing considering I had just arrived in Cyprus at the peak of the holiday season. But I didn't let that stop my holiday this was my holiday so I continued to stroll down the narrow aeroplane stairs into the shuttle bus that would escort us to the airport to locate our bags and finally ascend onto the coach. When I was on the coach I stared dreamily into the surroundings trying to get an actual feel for the country, as this is what I usually tend to do when visiting a foreign country I felt nothing, nothing whatsoever for their city or culture which was alarming. I normally can feel what their city is like as we whiz pass their different aspects of the culture on the long, boring coach ride. But it was late this was the first time I had ever landed in a country other than our own at night. "Things tend to be different at night," I thought reassuring myself and quietly laughed to myself remembering when I used to cry myself to sleep thinking there was a witch in my room. Only to discover years later that it was a disfigured branch on a tree outside. ...read more.


He was a lovely lad and wasn't that bad looking either he had brown floppy hair that was messed up but looked great nevertheless he was just a bit taller than me and was wearing a baby blue adidas t-shirt. Although he was lovely there was a lad just opposite me whom I couldn't take my eyes off his name was Aarron he was gorgeous but he didn't know I existed. He looked over a couple of times but didn't really take any notice of me he was talking to what seemed to be his mates. I just wished he'd look over. He never, and I continued talking to James he was lovely and we had loads in common. I spent the majority of the day in the clubroom, as the weather wasn't nice enough to swim or sunbathe in. At about five o'clock there was a knock on the clubroom door Aarron shouted them to come in. You couldn't imagine my embarrassment when my mum appeared from round the door. "Stacey honey, are you coming to dinner?" she bellowed in her embarrassing mummy voice. The whole group minus James burst into laughter. I could feel my face gradually getting hotter. I grunted "bye" to James and headed off with my mum to dinner. I spent the whole of dinner just sitting there refusing to talk to my parents as they had embarrassed me so much and it had only been my first day in Cyprus. ...read more.


By the edge of the pool. It was near the deep end. I looked around I still couldn't see him, I then looked down. My heart sank. If felt as If I had had ten rounds with mike Tyson. There he was on the bottom of the pool. I screamed so loudly my own eardrums nearly burst. James asked what was wrong, and then he saw. He just stood there while Aarron dived in. I felt so helpless. Was he alive? His weightless body lifted out of the pool and he was sent to hospital. The news must've spread fast there were so many reporters at our complex. We were all mourning. I couldn't stop crying then it appeared on the news. He was dead. I learnt so many lessons that holiday although it was one of my worst. It was the holiday where I did actually become an adult. But as I have learnt becoming an adult isn't the best feeling in the world you should stay a child as long as you can you are carefree and that is why your childhood memories are the best. You only become an adult because the world gives you more worries and stress related problems. If you have confidence in yourself then you are cool no matter who you hang out with, what mobile phone you own or where you shop. Being cool is being comfortable with yourself and being happy if you're happy the rest will be sure to follow. I hope you all learn this as I had to find out the hard way and I have paid the consequences that holiday still haunts me to this very day. ...read more.

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