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Choose a production you have seen during your course, which made a strong emotional impact on audience. Discuss in detail one scene or section that made an impact on you.

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Choose a production you have seen during your course, which made a strong emotional impact on audience. Discuss in detail one scene or section that made an impact on you. You will need to refer to the activity on stage, the audience reaction possible lighting, sound, set design or custom. I have chosen to write about the production 'Blood Brothers' by 'Willy Russell' due to the reason I have been studying the story as a section in my course. The scene that I shall be discussing is the very last scene in which Mickey is seen to have a lot of anxiety towards Linda and Eddie. Mickey has a lot of anger and range as he has just seen Linda his wife and his best friend Eddie kiss. The scene begins in the setting of the town hall were Eddie the rather successful one is holding a meeting with two councillors. He is dressed up smartly due to the job he does this conveys his status which is also ironical due to the fact that his blood brother Mickey is not very successful in life. ...read more.


I think that this scene conveys how a child can be affected by society. Taking Mickey as an example of the child and his family and friends and the way he has been treated by the law is the society. This is why Mickey is so angry. Edward and Mickey argue for a while. Edward is clearly treated by Mickey but is also trying to keep him calm. Mickey is outraged and talks about how Linda's child could have been Eddies. Mickey is confused and this is portrayed to the audience by there is continues pauses between his speech. Mickey is lower status than Eddie due to the fact that Mickey is wearing jeans and a black casual jacket. A person dresses according to there lifestyle as Mickey does not have a lot of money he wears what is comfortable to him. Eddie has a career that demands him to be smart he is also paid for being smart this shows how status is reflected in different types lifestyle. ...read more.


On the other hand Mickey is fuming around the stage he is thinking to him self as well as confronting Eddie. I think that the characters are positioned in such an opposite way because they try to portray that they are so unalike. When the police enter from the two stage doors situated in the audience this grabs the audiences attention. I think that this was cleverly done as the audience now feel as though there are in side the scenes they are actually apart of what is going on. The entrance of the police is unexpected therefore the result is that the audience are on edge of there seats. The voices of the police are extra load as the officers have a mega phones. There is a lot of commotion due to this the police plead with Mickey. In this scene there is a set above the stage where Mrs Johnston is watching I think this shows how the mother wants to be there for both of her sons. Mrs Johnston is worried about the outcome throughout the play he had a guilty conscience she knows that something like will happen. ...read more.

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