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Choose Three Key Moments from ‘A View from the Bridge’ and Comment on Their Dramatic Effectiveness. You will need to include comments on themes, character and social/historical context.

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Choose Three Key Moments from 'A View from the Bridge' and Comment on Their Dramatic Effectiveness. You will need to include comments on themes, character and social/historical context. Arthur Miller wrote 'A View form the Bridge' in 1955. He intended the play to be in the style of a Greek tragedy set in the 1940s. Arthur Miller was interested in the work and the lives of communities of dockworkers and longshoremen. This was because he previously worked in Brooklyn on the docks and his parents were immigrants. "This dangerous and mysterious world at the water's edge that drama and literature had never touched" fascinated Arthur Miller. He wanted to write about something that had never been written about before. He got his inspiration from a true story he heard about a man telling the immigration bureau that he had illegal immigrants living with him. He did this to break up an engagement between one of them. In the play there are several potentially dramatic themes. They are: relationships (particularly Catherine's and Eddie's relationship), manliness (stereotypical ideas) and justice and the law. I have chosen three key moments to comment on. They are the boxing moment between Eddie and Rodolpho, the kissing moment where Eddie kisses Catherine and Rodolpho and the moment when the immigration bureau come. ...read more.


Eddie is shocked. "Eddie sees him and his arm jerks slightly in shock". Rodolpho knows this will happen. He is testing Edie to see if he will try to do anything. The atmosphere that it creates of anger and is tense. Eddie starts shouting at Rodolpho to leave. "Get your stuff and get outa here". He can't stand the thought of Catherine being with Rodolpho. This creates dramatic effectiveness. Catherine tries to go but Eddie grabs her arm. Catherine becomes scared of Eddie. She knows she can't stay anymore. She wants to get away from Eddie before he does something to hurt her. Eddie is in tears because he doesn't want Catherine to go. Catherine becomes torn between the two. She knows she can't stay with Eddie but she doesn't want to hurt him. Eddie is determined to make her stay. He is still treating her like a child. It is also his incestuous love for her that is telling him to make Catherine stay. Eddie suddenly pulls Catherine towards him and kisses her. She tries to free herself. "He reaches out suddenly, draws her to him, and as she strives to free herself he kisses her on the mouth". She does not want this to happen. ...read more.


This creates dramatic effectiveness. Arthur Miller's 'A view form the bridge' reveals a rich tapestry of relationships in the Italian immigrant community of Brooklyn. It allows the audience to sample this different society. Arthur Miller uses accent and dialect to bring the characters to life. Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice use short, simple sentences. The accent and dialect they use is colloquial and uneducated. Alfieri is thoughtful, educated, distanced and sometimes shows black humor when he speaks. Rodolpho is a lively, witty and entertaining character. This comes through in his accent. He is speaking in a second language. Marco is initially reserved, serious, intense, finally passionate and bitter. Overall the play incorporates accent and dialect of Brooklyn's Red Hook district. The play is a tragedy, it traces the downfall of an individual (Eddie). The play is also ironic. Early in the play Beatrice says that Eddie will be praised for letting them stay but in the end he gets killed for letting them stay. The cultural context of the play is the reality of the American Dream. The American Dream is the dream for a classless, opportunities for all, free country. America was said to be this country. Arthur Miller is questioning this American Dream in the play. He is seeing if the American Dream could be real. He is showing that it isn't as easy as people think to make a living in America. ...read more.

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