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Choose two poems of Carol Ann Duffy's poems you like best and write about them.

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Choose two poems of Carol Ann Duffy's poems you like best and write about them The poems I am going to write about are called Stealing and Valentine. Stealing explains about the thing people will do when they are bored and maybe not loved. The person in stealing looks back at what he did whilst talking to a therapist. Valentine uses a metaphor to describe love in this case she uses an onion as the main metaphor. The first line of stealing is "the most unusual thing I have ever stole?" This gives us the impression that he is talking to a therapist or to a policeman so we find that he steals very unusual things. The robber replies "a snowman". This backs up the idea that he has no purpose or meaning to steal, he does it for his own enjoyment. ...read more.


The robber doesn't leave without taking anything " I nicked a bust of shakesphere once". He stealing things for the fun of it, most of the things he steals are no use to him, I think he does this to despite people. Carol Ann Duffy uses very strong language to get the message across to us on how the man feels, going back to the snowman " I started with the head" this puts across to us that it is not just a snowman, it is like he is cutting up a body. This poem uses more strong language " I took a run and booted him" " Again. Again." This is very aggressive and it is repetitive. We can also link this idea of an outsider, which the robber may feel like, to another of Carol Ann Duffy poem, which is War Photographer. ...read more.


Valentine has small stanzas of up to six sentences or even one. This is only short but it gets the message across to her lover that love is hard to find and it needs work if it is to succeed. Valentine is about Carol Ann Duffy speaking where as stealing is about a listener. The mains bits for Valentines are the use of metaphor of an onion. Both of these poems are unusual and strange. Stealing starts with a question and ends with a question. Where is Valentine is about a speaker who is offering an onion. If you where to read them they would be hard to understand a first. I preferred Valentine because of the extensive use of the metaphor. I could never imagine an onion to represent love. The last sentence that I liked of Valentine was "knife" this represents an end of a relationship, which probably is a broken heart. RASHPAL BHENS ...read more.

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