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Choose two scenes which you consider to be particularly interesting moments of dramatic tension. Write about why they are especially dramatic and why they are important in the play

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Choose two scenes which you consider to be particularly interesting moments of dramatic tension. Write about why they are especially dramatic and why they are important in the play For this essay I am going to concentrate on the scene at the end of act one in 'A View from the Bridge' by Arthur Miller. In the previous scene Eddie, the main character, has just been to see Alfieri, a lawyer who once represented Eddie's father and also the narrator for this play, for legal and moral advice on what to do. Eddie is confused and needs someone to kick him in the right direction. I know this because Alfieri said that "his eyes looked like tunnels". Eddie feels that Rodolfo is gay and is only after his passport. Another reason Eddie is confused is that he loves Catherine too much. Alfieri has just told Eddie that there is nothing that Eddie can do apart from go to the Immigration Bureau or accept the situation and be happy for the two. This leads into this essay's scene. It is set in the apartment and opens with Catherine talking about Marco and Rodolfo's trip to Africa. I believe that the tension begins to grow when Eddie dismisses her excitement. ...read more.


Miller shows the tension by writing stage directions for Eddie to rise and pace up and down. There is then a conversation between Eddie and Rodolfo. Eddie is comparing Rodolfo and Catherine's relationship to how one would be in their town in Italy. Beatrice takes Rodolfo's side in this argument as she knows where it is going. Marco takes Eddie's side as he doesn't want any trouble. Marco also tells Rodolfo off and it is clear that Marco wants this argument to end. An argument begins between Beatrice and Eddie then. They are arguing whether a person is safer during the day or at night. The tension is still on 'high alert' when Catherine asks Rodolfo to dance deliberately to annoy Eddie and show him that nothing will come between the two's relationship. Rodolfo decides not to as he knows that he has already pushed Eddie enough but eventually gives in. Once again Beatrice lowers the tension by changing the topic. The focus goes back to fishing and it is soon revealed that Rodolfo can cook. Once Eddie hears about it he talks and implies Rodolfo's homosexuality but Rodolfo takes it as a compliment. ...read more.


Eddie thinks that this will be easy but soon finds out that it isn't when he fails. Marco then lifts it above his head to show that he is stronger. Until now Marco had always been on his side by apologising for his brother, Rodolfo, but Eddie has now lost his only supporter. The tension rises as they stare at each other and Marco smiles. Another thing that adds tension here is the stage directions. They say that Marco held the chair 'like a weapon'. This creates tension as it shows that Marco is threatening Eddie. The scene finished with the tension very high and with Eddie physically threatened. In this scene Arthur Miller has used many ways to show the tension rising. One of these was writing the stage directions. This creates visual images which are really important as they stress the tension; it shows the reader what the audience sees and also shows the tension. Another way he showed the tension was by making the sentences longer. This slows down the pace of the play and created tension. Another way he shows tension is by adding pauses. These add silence and make the audience/reader want to know what happens next. It also gives a moment for the tension to rise. 30th October 2002 Anuj Khamar ...read more.

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