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Choosing any one of the stories that you have studied, analyze it using any one of the following techniques: A. Plot, B. Points of view, C. Character, D. Setting, E. Tone and style, F. Symbol, and G. Theme.

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Subject: Composition 2 Instructor: MS. Hamidah Mohamad TA: Ms. Tran Hoang Mai Student: Le Minh Phuong Essay 1 Topic: Choosing any one of the stories that you have studied, analyze it using any one of the following techniques: A. Plot B. Points of view C. Character D. Setting E. Tone and style F. Symbol G. Theme Your analysis should include the definition of the technique and how it could be used to derive/portray the main issue(s) that the author emphasizes in the story. Include also your own perspective/opinion on what you find interesting in the story. My topic: Analyzing "A pair of tickets" of Amy Tan by using the technique "setting" From http://library.lovingyou.com/poetry/127/127616.shtml, Lura once said "The power of love is never so strong as when we're with family where we belong" ("A Family" poem). Family love is one of the most valuable kinds of love in our society from past to present. For some reasons, our family can be separated. No matter who we are or where we are, we always try our best to protect our family love. "A Pair of Tickets" of Amy Tan is a very emotional story that is about a reunion of a Chinese family. It also tells us the true value of family love. ...read more.


Through her mother's telling about her doll that she gave to her youngest niece, "If she was in her house with that doll, her parents were there, and so everybody was there, waiting together, because that's how our family was" (P.124), in Jing Mei's head is just a vague imagination of a traditional Chinese family that all members in the family were always gathered together happily. Moreover, through her father's telling, "The roads were filled with people, everybody running and begging for rides from passing trucks. The trucks rushed by, afraid to stop" (P.130), everything in China was a chaotic pile when everybody just wanted to leave at any cost. On the other hand, in 1980s, when her father and she comes to China to find her twin sisters, China wears quite different clothes which are more beautiful and modern. It sometimes brings some familiar feelings to Jing Mei and her father but it sometimes gives her alien, surprising feelings. The first scenes, the familiar setting, come to Jing Mei's eyes are "a sectioned field of yellow, green, and brown, a narrow canal flanking the tracks, low rising hills, and three people in blue jackets riding an ox-driven cart" (P.121) when she is on the train with her father. ...read more.


Through those alien and familiar settings, the story says that although the changes of the country from traditional to modern, from old to new value, the relationship among family members cannot be changed. And this issue of the story can be expressed clearly by the symbolic setting, China. It does not simply mean a country, it is the valuable bridge to connect the relationship between Jing Mei and her twin sisters. It is where the permanent family love begins. Finally, like John Denver used to sing "Country Roads take me home to the place I belong", everybody in this world will find his or her origin one day because it is the value of family love and love never fails. And the short story "A Pairs of Tickets" is a very emotional and successful to story that tells us the true value of family. To me, learning about family value is something people do not always understand, like Jing Mei used to distrust her past and the past of her families. But when she understands her family 's past, she can connect her rest family. Now she can meet her sisters, she can feel peaceful because she has fulfilled her dreams and the dreams of her mother. Cherishing the family love we have is an essential thing we can do and have to do. 1 ...read more.

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