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Chose three settings from Our Day Out and write about what they represent

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Chose three settings from Our Day Out and write about what they represent? The Streets The street is a typical terraced housing inner city street. It has no gardens or any other attractive features such as flowerbeds, trees or flowers. The street is a very poor street which can be shown by the houses as some of them are probably small and of poor quality. When Carol runs up the street holding her carrier bag and wearing her school uniform that doubled as her Sunday best and a street outfit you could see that she is quite poor and she that this is where she came from. ...read more.


Also it represents that they think that they wont ever get out of that place and that they want to. The School Playground The school is a typical state school with a big playground and it is quite large. It is very busy as there are lots of children that go to it. In the playground Mrs Kay is stood there trying to get the progress class ready to go on a trip. The children are very excited and are screaming and generally enjoying themselves. Then Mrs Kay say to the children if anyone has not paid please come over here and they all follow her this symbolizes that none of them have the money to pay for the trip, which represents poverty. ...read more.


This setting represents that even the caf� who are supposed to be having a slow season wont open up at the chance of gaining some custom as they are from Liverpool. It represents what Carol has been thinking that the countryside is better. Also when they get to the next caf� they do steal all the sweets and disrupt the shop and do basically everything that the woman in the first shop thought they would do. So the prejudgements of the people are right. But also if the people don't give them a chance then there is no way that they could have proved that they weren't going to steal etc. This scene is to represent that the children are just doing what is expected of them. ...read more.

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