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christmas capers

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Josie Nemeth 9E/9RR Christmas Capers Christmas day, is a day which is famously renowned for hysterical events happening or for inappropriate circumstances. This year, unsurprisingly, was not dissimilar. Unfortunately. As usual, the family were round. I hated most of them and I don't see why the other half even bother to come. There's my Grandpa 'Drop Off', so named because he's always asleep. Then there's Grandma 'Finicky' who fusses about everything, and I mean everything! But today was my Auntie's turn. This year my mum decided to let my Auntie cook the Christmas dinner. What a mistake!! The thing you should know about my Auntie is that she is clumsy, very clumsy. ...read more.


My Auntie Cathy was in the steamy kitchen trying to make sure everything was ready, 'Nearly ready' she yelled. Well I bet, if I look at everyone's faces, I can tell you what they are thinking, 'Where's the back up food'. All you could hear was the clattering as she lifted up all of the clear lids on the sterling coloured saucepans and dragged the steel silver door of the oven closed Everything seemed fine and everyone was sitting down waiting for dinner, 'When's fooood readyyy??' whined the toddlers. 'Coming now, calm down' she yelled again. Then there was this foul smell coming from the kitchen. ...read more.


At least they were amused. So we didn't have any Christmas dinner and I wouldn't like to be Grandpa now. Hehe! Well fortunately, as my Grandma is so fussy she 'bought' back up food but it was veggie lasagne because of my mum! But never mind, as there wasn't much conversation, I went up to my room and played the wii and grabbed some chocolate, everyone was happy downstairs and there was, as usual, rubbish telly on, and I was bored which is the usual end to Christmas Day. Well I thought, 'She's managed it'. Well, it was lunchtime on Christmas day and she's done her annual inappropriate act so I knew, fingers crossed, nothing should happen for the rest of the day. But there's still New Year's. Huhhhh! Help! Oh I can't wait till next year! ...read more.

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