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Christmas Carol Coursework

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Christmas Carol At Christmas Dickens thinks we should keep Christmas well. By keeping Christmas well he means that Christmas is a time when people forgive things to each other, when all the family gets together for celebration, even at Christmas, for only this day they forget about money problems and have a great day enjoying themselves. Christmas time is a time which is 'Kind, forgiving, charitable, it is a pleasant time'. Dickens makes us want to behave like this by making us want to join in with those who are enjoying Christmas and who are happy. Charles does this by seeing other people being happy at Christmas apart from Scrooge because he seems to not like Christmas at all and everything that has to do with this celebration. Scrooge is acting totally opposite of how we should be at Christmas time and because of this, the people who are keeping Christmas well get scared of him and many start to not like him of his attitude towards Christmas. Charles Dickens makes us dislike Scrooge at the beginning because of the way he treats people. Scrooge seems to be a selfish cold-hearted miser. Even though, Scrooge is a wealthy man but instead of sharing his coal with Bob when it is cold, bleak, biting weather, Scrooge rations the amount of coal he can use for his fire. ...read more.


''Cratchit's dressed out but poorly in a twice-turned gown, but brave in ribbons, which are cheap'' this quotation shows us that Christmas is not a celebration where it has to be expensive as Scrooge thinks, everyone can make Christmas enjoyable even on a budget. ''Young Cratchits danced about the table'' this quotation shows us that they actually where enjoying Christmas. Another quote which says ''It might be pleasant to them to remember upon Christmas day'' means that family will remember this Christmas day, because they had so much fun and the time spent on Christmas day will be stuck in their memory. Cratchit's family seems to be very nice to each other, we can see this by looking at this line ''It was sufficient dinner for the whole family'' meaning that there was enough dinner for the whole family and it shows that they can cope with it. Scrooge's nephew is the last person that I am going to write about how he makes look Christmas enjoyable. Fred is very cheerful and happy. Even he does not have money, unlike his uncle; Fred can manage and live without millions. Scrooge's nephew believes that money does not give happiness. Fred does not make a big fuss when his uncle says that Christmas is a humbug, because he feels sorry for his uncle Scrooge, that he does not have Christmas spirit, and he thinks he is so happy but everyone can see that he is actually unhappy but he never will accept it. ...read more.


He is happier at the end of the book because he has decided to make amends in, we can see this by looking at this quote ''Time before him was his own, to make amends in!'' meaning that Scrooge is scared what can happen in the future to himself, Cratchits' family, his nephew Fred. Scrooge decided to change because is he continue there will be bad things happening because of him. Scrooge keeps Christmas well by going to church, sending large turkey to Cratchits' family, going to Fred's house for dinner, and even when Bob Cratchit arrived to work late, Scrooge did not say anything about his lateness, one of the things that he said was ''Merry Christmas!''. I think that the reader would want to be like Scrooge at the end of the book because he became a good man, who has started to believe in Christmas spirit, helped poor people and was kind to them. I think that the book's message is that people should be charitable, kind, forgiving, nice to each other, so we wouldn't have ignorance in society. Charles Dickens has convinced me in the way of the importance of keeping Christmas well. The reason is that by reading his book I've understood more about the Christmas and how we should be at the Christmas time. Personally, this book gave me a story that sometimes makes me think what would happen if this will be happening in real life. By Beata Sebeckyte 11JB ...read more.

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