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Christmas materialism speech

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Kids Today Believe Christmas is All about Money and Possessions Hello Parents, I am going to speak about what kids today think of Christmas. Today I asked my children what they would like for Christmas and they all gave me a wish list including items of great value. These items were goods like the ipod, play station 2 and designer clothing. This made me think... it made me realise that kids today believe Christmas is all about money and possessions. As a quick method to prove this I asked some of my friends to tell their children that they would receive no presents for Christmas, I did the same with my children. The end result was that all three of my children all exploded into a tantrum and my friends' children also went into a strop. ...read more.


They are spoilt! We are partly to blame as we give in to them too easily. This spoilt ness culminates at Christmas where we get bombarded with moans of "Daddy, can I have this?", "I want it now!" and "please mummy." A worrying thing is that if we don't do something about our materialistic children now, they will still be spoilt when they are adults and all of this means more money into the hands of greedy companies. Single parents, isn't it hard enough to provide for your children normally let alone at Christmas? You should stand up to your children as well as the pompous CEOs! What about your wants? Do your children ever ask what you want? ...read more.


Father Christmas means one thing to children: presents. He has no connection with the original St Nicholas, who performed a miracle in providing dowries for three poor sisters. How many of your children know about St Nicholas? I agree that non Christians celebrate Christmas as well and do not heed the religious values involved but surely this only proves my point because this proves that they celebrate Christmas because they want presents too! If you asked your children to tell you the full Christmas story, would they be able to? Even the number of schools producing Christmas nativities is getting smaller. So please parents, however rich or poor you are, we have a common cause in returning Christmas to its old self-a time for families to get together, relax and have fun. Think about yourselves for once but remember, protect your children from the greedy commercialised world. ...read more.

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