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Cinderella modern adaptation

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Cindy and the Sister's (2009-Australia) Once there lived a man, whose wife recently passed away due to breast cancer. However, before passing away on the hospital bed, her last breaths were directed to her beautiful teenage daughter, Cindy. She whispered, "Cindy, darling, live your life and be true to yourself, and don't let anyone hold you down." And with those words, she departed, leaving her unstable husband and daughter to fend for themselves. Cindy's father, although very strong willed, was deeply affected by his wife's death, and spent many nights alone in bars, feeling both lonely and insecure. One night, he met a lovely lady, who was of utmost beauty and graciousness, and reminded him of his daughter and late wife. They dated for three months and then, with the love they shared, decided to marry. The lady also had two daughters, Cynthia and Cecelia, who too were of beautiful and gracious nature. As a whole family, everyone got along with one another nicely, and this proved quite a pleasant surprise for the father and the step mother. The three girls were inseparable and shared all their deepest, darkest secrets with one another. They were the best of friends and whenever someone felt sad, the other two always cheered them up. This case was mostly applied to Cindy whenever she started to reminisce the past she had with her mother. ...read more.


The father reluctantly dropped them off at the party at eight o'clock and bade them farewell. "Have fun girls, and remember, be careful." "Don't worry dad, it's not like there's going to be alcohol or anything," laughed Cindy. With that, the sisters giggled their way in and met with familiar faces from school. The father, afraid to leave his daughters, lingered in the car. "HEY JOSH, NICE PARTY!" exclaimed Cindy, trying to overcome the loud music. "OHH CINDY! THOUGHT U WEREN'T GOING TO MAKE IT! LETS GO IN MY ROOM!" he gestures her into the room and the loud banging ended as the door closed behind them. They sat on the bed and started chatting away. Cindy's father, insecure about the whole party, got out of the car and entered the house, looking for the three sisters. Unable to find any of them, he decided to try the rooms, and then stumbled upon the room where Cindy and Josh were in. There was an awkward pause and then her father lashed out at them. "So this is why you desperately wanted to come? To be with him!?" he sneered at Josh. "And you... How dare you touch my daughter?" "Dad, please don't do this. I'm old enough! WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE A BABY!?" Tears flowing from her eyes, Cindy rampaged past her dad and stormed out of the party, into the car. ...read more.


When the father realised he was deceived by the girls, he stormed in and pulled the girls back into the car. "WHY HAVE U LIED TO ME AND COME TO THIS PARTY? HUH?!" he screamed. The sisters were shocked and silent, and did not respond to the question. The father was furious with his daughters and grounded each of them for a month. This meant no phones, no computers and no outings. Although disappointed, the sisters were content with the punishment. Cindy remembered what her mother said on her death bed, "Cindy, darling, live your life and be true to yourself, and don't let anyone hold you down." and realised what a disrespectful daughter she has become. Cindy went through her desk and took out a jewellery box, full of past memories of her mother. She then realised the hair clip her mother gave her was missing and started to panic. Suddenly, there was a tap on the window and she looked outside and recognized Josh climbing up. He staggered into her room and whispered, "Hey, you forgot this," and took out her hair clip out of his pocket. A sigh of relief came across Cindy's face and smiled. Josh stood up and clipped it back on her luscious chocolate hair and made it perfect again, he made everything perfect again. Moments later, his sweet lips pressed against hers, where time seemed inexistent anymore. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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