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Cinderella - personal poem

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Cinderella Before the day when my mum died, I was then called Ella Now that I have a brand new mum, My name is Cinderella I also have two step-sisters Who are so vicious and so mean Day in, day out, day in, day out They make me cook and clean. Then one good, fine summer's day We got a letter from the king It was an invite to the royal ball! He said that the royal prince he'll bring The prince would chose a pretty girl Who could dance and sing Then he'd bend down on one knee And present a diamond ring But then my sisters spoilt my dream They took my joy, they took my pride And then they dressed up fancily On white horses did they ride! ...read more.


told her to come She then came down from the heavens And with her magic wand she came She waved it once, she waved it twice My life will never be the same Out appeared a golden carriage My torn clothes were now a dress Six horses were now at my side "You really are the very best!" Just in time, I heard a voice "Be home before the clock strikes nine" A whole three hours! I'm sure that I'll be fine All the heads turned and stared The prince took my hand and danced all night He danced with no-one else that day It really was love at first sight! ...read more.


If they knew that it was me I would be roast mince They did think that she was foreign They never thought that it was me I made them lunch, I made them dinner I even made them tea In the end, the prince came here When he saw me He gradually fell down And knelt down onto one knee A diamond ring He did present And I did give him My consent Then the prince stood up And swept me off my feet We got married off happily He did it really neat Before the day that my prince came I was Cinderella Now that I'm a brand new girl I am Princess Ella ...read more.

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