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Civics Supported Debate Statement

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Civics Supported Debate Statement For hundreds of years, most of the countries throughout the world are fighting and chasing for democracy. Why did they do that? The answer is very obvious because a democratic government is the superior type of government to organize society. The democratic government is a kind of government that allows all people to have rights to vote and make decisions, and the common people are considered as the primary sources of political power. A democratic government gives the citizens rights to have freedom of speech and expressed themselves without social qualifications. Also they can gather with others for fun or political reasons. If the Iranians had rights and chances to express themselves about those restrictions they don't want, then why should they had revolution to overthrow the decadent and corruptive regime governed by authoritarian? ...read more.


As we all know, people are different than others, so do the religions. In point of fact, the democratic governments not only give people the rights to vote and freedom of speech, they also give people the spiritual liberty-freedom of religions. Some of the countries such as Iran, their government only allows their people to have one religion which is Islam. If somebody wants to violate and disobey the rules, then the consequences will only be punishments or even death. Now maybe a lot of people might say that it's taking too long for democratic governments to make decisions since all decisions must be processed by voting from citizens. But with this, democratic government always has new ideas coming up since everybody involves and thinks instead of one. ...read more.


But however, democratic countries are far away from the edges of war, because people have freedoms, they don't have anything to complain about. In contrast, the authoritarian countries are somehow close to the wars. The best example will be ancient monarchy of China. For thousands of years, the Emperors and dynasties of ancient China had been replaced and changed for innumerable times. Evidently, the authoritarian government will eventually be eliminated because there is always bad dictator, and when it does, people revolt and wars start. As Johny Carson says, "Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be president and anyone who doesn't grow up can be vice president." This means that democratic government is the ultimate government, and it is a key to freedom and justice. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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