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"Claudio does not deserve Hero." Do you agree?

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"Claudio does not deserve Hero." Do you agree? When we first meet Claudio he enters with Don Pedro, Benedick, Balthasar and John the Bastard who have just returned from the war, where Claudio had won much honour in the fighting. Claudio is discussing Hero, the daughter of Leonato, with Benedick. He asks Benedick to speak the truth about his opinion of Hero. ".... No, I pray thee speak in sober judgement" Benedick does speak the truth and tells Claudio ".... she's too low for a high praise, too brown for a fair praise, and too little for a great praise...but as she is, I do not like her." Claudio sticks with what he has said about Hero and later on in the conversation says "...in mine eye, she is the sweetest lady that ever I look'd on." Hero and Claudio represent an idealised love. Claudio says of Hero, "...Can the world buy such a jewel?" Where as Benedick refers to Beatrice as "...my dear Lady Disdain!" Claudio and Hero whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears, Benedick and Beatrice bicker and row incessantly. I feel that the play ultimately shows that Benedick and Beatrice's relationship is the more genuine of the two. In Act One, Scene One Claudio and Don Pedro are in discussion and Claudio asks Don Pedro "...hath Leonato any son, my lord?" this could be an innocent question yet it suggests that he is finding out whether she will inherit all of Leonato's wealth before he finally declares his true love for Hero. ...read more.


Benedick enters after Borachio and Don Johns departure with the news that Don Pedro has been successful in wooing Hero. Benedick says "...for the Prince hath got you Hero." Claudio replies with "I wish him joy of her." Claudio is upset and tells Benedick to leave. This scene shows Claudio's gullibility. He has believed what Don John and Borachio told him, not asked any questions or made any comments to Don Pedro just accepted it and wishes Don Pedro joy from Hero. This shows Claudio as a weak innocent character. Also how untrusting and suspicious Claudio is. It also shows us that he is to easily sway. People think they are able to take advantage of Claudio. I think that Hero and Claudio do not appear to be confident around each other. This is shown in Act two when Claudio asks Don Pedro to woo Hero for him. Don John and Borachio are now determined to plan a villainous plot. Hero and Claudio are set to be married so Borachio has a plan which is far more dishonest that the first. He proposes to persuade Margaret, who is Hero's maid to disguise herself in Hero's clothes and to act out a brief scenario with him in the presence of Claudio and Don Pedro. Borachio says "Go then, find me a meet hour, to draw Don Pedro and the Count Claudio alone, tell them that you know that Hero loves me..." ...read more.


The Friar asks Claudio and Leonato quickly answers none. Claudio shouts "...Give not this rotten orange to your friend...she know the heat of a luxurious bed." Don Pedro joins in and says, "...to link my dear friend to a common stale." Hero faints and is thought to have been struck dead. Claudio, Don John and Don Pedro storm out of the church. Leonato disowns Hero is a speech full of self-pity. Claudio thinks Hero is dead and after the disastrous wedding we see Claudio, Benedick and Don Pedro talking. We see Claudio behave in a manner, which shows that he does not feel guilty despite supposable murdering Hero. When Claudio finds out that he wronged the 'dead' Hero he seems genuinely in remorse. Is Claudio a genuine character? Claudio agrees to Leonato's requests and accepts the proposal of marriage to Leonato's 'niece' the following morning that is actually Hero. At first sight Claudio seems a romantic character. Before he appears on stage he is praised for his achievements in the recent battle. Claudio seems a very vulnerable character. He is young and people therefore take advantage of this. There are many speeches Claudio makes where the romantic tone is unmistakable. I wonder whether Claudio really knows himself whether he is in love with Hero or not. Claudio lacks the experience to determine accurately the motives of others, although he has no reason to believe in Don Pedro's alleged treachery. Claudio reacts first and then rationalises after. I think Claudio is worthy of Hero. He is just a young, vulnerable, gullible character. Who is misunderstood. ...read more.

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