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Co-ed con uncovered: a response

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Cobble Avenue The Glebe Happytown Chiantishire SP6 9TP 7th June 2006 Editor Independent Schools Magazine ISM House 80-85 Queen Square London WC1N 3AA Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you because I was shocked and appalled by the fallacy of one of the writer's articles, entitled Co-ed con revealed, published on 30th May. Firstly, I would like to say that the benefits of mixed-sex education are evident, almost blatant. My nephew attended Frensham Heights, a reputable school in Surrey, and the headteacher and the faculty believed, like me, that coeducation is "right and natural". It brings children up to be proper citizens; it teaches them that men and women are equal. ...read more.


Furthermore, some of my doctor colleagues who have sent their children to single-sex schools have talked to me about how neurotic they have become; they have been suppressed so much, it is as if they are jelly in a mould, putty in the school's hands. They are almost like robots, and schools were designed to educate children so that they become autonomous, productive members of society, not mindless drones. This whole idea of the gender stereotyping of subjects is complete and utter nonsense; since when has Mathematics been regarded as a "boys' subject", or French a "girls' subject"? I have never heard these subjects described using such juvenile language in my life! ...read more.


He has lots of male and female friends, and he knows how to talk to and cooperate with both groups. If he had been sent to one of those robot factories you call 'the way forwards' I do not know what he could have become - I shudder at the thought of it. In conclusion, I urge you to remove the offending writer from your workforce, as he is a disgrace to all the writers on the team. The magazine is normally of an exceptionally high standard, but this individual's literary cacophony is a blemish on your clean record. I had once been an avid reader of the Magazine, but this article has discouraged me from reading your publications. Once again, I beg you to relieve [writer's name] of his duties. Yours faithfully, Dr. E. Micklewright Church Stretton, Shropshire ?? ?? ?? ?? JA 7th June 2006 616 words ...read more.

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