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Co-ed con uncovered

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Co-ed con uncovered The belief that mixed gender education is better than single-sex education is the most incorrect belief in human history since Galen's belief that the pneuma zoticon (vital spirit) controlled the flow of blood and body temperature. This misunderstanding is so widely accepted however, because the general public not only in the UK, but around the world, has been conned, tricked, coerced into believing that mixed gender education is the best type of education. This is very wrong. Dr. Jo-Ann Deak, an American educational psychologist, once said, "Girls' brains are wired differently. It follows that adolescents need to be taught differently." In single-sex schools boys as well as girls (in their separate schools) are taught in a way that enables them to learn as much as possible. It is also a well known fact that girls mature mentally earlier than boys. In a single-sex school, the teaching method can focus directly on one gender, and one particular age, hence one general frame of mind. ...read more.


In a change Wright describes as "overnight", the number of discipline cases plummeted to just one or two a day. Some people argue that single-sex education is unnatural, because life is co-educational. Others believe that working together and growing up in school together teaches students of both sexes how to interact with the opposite sex; and how to treat people in general. These ideas are very simplistic, and clearly not very well thought out. Yes, at school the students are with people of the same sex, but they obviously spend more time out of school than in it, where they spend time with friends and siblings of the opposite sex. The correct way to interact with people of the opposite sex can also be learned out of school very easily; it is almost innate. In an Australian Council for Educational Research study, lasting 6 years and ending in 2001, and involving 270,000 students, researchers found that both boys and girls taught in single-sex classrooms scored on average 15 to 22 percentile higher in exams than those taught in co-ed classrooms. ...read more.


Dr. Alan Davidson, the principal in this school, agrees with Dr. Jo-Ann Deak in saying, "Men and women's brains are different. It is crucial that we in education recognise that." I attended a single-sex (secondary) grammar school, and I must say that the atmosphere was beneficial to my learning. I did not have to fear seeming imperfect to girls in drama or any performances, and I was better behaved than I was in primary school. I almost absorbed information like a sponge absorbs water; learning was very easy when I in a class full of boys. In conclusion, it is crystal clear that single-sex education is better than co-education, and it is well evidenced. Students in single-sex education benefit from the atmosphere, they are more will to behave well and to learn; they improve academically, and they develop into productive members of society, becoming more confident and active in leadership roles. It would be a slight on the part of the Government to keep this country's education system mostly co-education, as it stifles children, so that they cannot become the best they can be. ...read more.

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