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Cola companies selling their products with pesticides above acceptable and legal limits in them should be prosecuted and the soft drinks banned. But does this rule not apply to corporation water, milk, vegetables and fruits sold in the market? Municipal water supplied through age-old rusted pipes is notoriously known as the greatest health hazard. Milk supplied by big dairies often is loaded with bacteria and harmful metal elements. The liberal use of pesticides and fungicides by farmers leaves much of the residue in vegetables and fruits. In all these cases does the solution merely lies in abolishing these products? My opponents might argue that even if every other thing we consume is adulterated it does not absolve the cola companies. ...read more.


A few months ago, the Centre for Science and Environment did a study of bottled water, which was almost as damning as the present study. Was any action taken on the report? Were errant companies punished? Has the quality of bottled water improved since then?why is it that the netas are only taking up the case of the colas. It is obviously because of the publicity associated with a controversy relating a large MNC. Our concern should be for such people who have no access to protected drinking water and not the minority that is accustomed to drinking colas. Colas are a luxury but water is an absolute necessity. ...read more.


When the pesticide residues are present in multiples of what they should be, it seems certain that all cola's should be banned. But because the figures are going from two to four places of decimals we cannot be sure whether the results are really as bad as they are shown to be. My worthy friends might also allege that Precious drinking water is provided to these companies by depriving thousands of thirsting citizens. But I would say that it is not the industry's but our own country's fault because There are no environmental impact assessments or sitting regulations, so that the industry's use of water is regulated. To conclude I would like to say that let this house continue to drink Pepsi but let us shift our attention from banning it to other important issues as raised above. ...read more.

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