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cold feet

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Cold Feet1 Everyday after school I walked by Victoria's Secret. In the display window were two mannequins; one blonde, one brunette, very sensuous. I was particularly attracted to the brunette, her pouty lips, the way the lacy panties clung to her small waist. But it wasn't just her looks, she had a presence, and when I went by to look in the window she seemed to perk up. I could tell she liked me. Her name was Sonia, she didn't tell me but she couldn't be any other name. I started to hang out by the Victoria's Secret window a lot. Sonia was really interesting, much more so than the girls I went to school with. Sonia told me I was much more mature than the girls in school which is why they ignored me. I'd never been on a date. After awhile it got so I could talk to Sonia about anything. I confided to her. She'd always say something like, "you just need more confidence, sweetie." ...read more.


After that I laid in bed and thought of Sonia, how I'd like to take her far far away, where it'd just be me and her and we could just hold each other and talk. The next day when I went to see Sonia she told me to come closer to the window; she told me to put my ear against the glass, she didn't want anyone else to hear what she was about to say. "Listen sweetie," she whispered, "are you serious about me?" I nodded. "I don't mean like little boy puppy love stuff, I mean do you love me? I nodded again more emphatically. "Look I can't stand another night of sitting in this window or I'll go nuts. How'd you like to bust me out of here and take me somewhere far, far away? It'll be just you and me." My heart almost burst out of my chest. Funny thing was because I'd fantasied about going away with her and I already had a plan. ...read more.


"Sonia, your quiet," I said. "Don't tell me you're asleep?" She didn't answer. I shook her but she didn't say anything, oddly her skin felt like plastic. I tried to wake her with a kiss but they tasted like plastic too. I feel asleep and when I came to she still wouldn't wake up. I started screaming at her. I needed her but she just lay there like a dummy. She didn't seem like a real person. "Sonia," I yelled, "you can't treat me like this. You promised me, that if I got you out you'd be with me, you said I was your sweet man-child." I couldn't' control myself. I yelled louder, you just used me, you bitch." Then I heard a key opening the door. It was the motel manager with the cops. They pinned me down and took me away. Mother had me committed. The consolers give me medication and a lot of therapy. They say I have to get back into reality. But they don't know that Sonia is the cause of all my problems. She just used me. ...read more.

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