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Cold Knap Lake

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Cold Knap Lake Shakira closed her eyes firmly as her mother brutally abused her yet again leaving extreme bruising on her arms and legs. "Why do you do this to me Shakira? Why" screamed her mother as she smacked her colourless worried looking face. "What am I exactly doing to you? You assault me for zilch and you're asking me why I do this to you" thought Shakira obviously in her head, if she would have said that aloud she would be lying next to her Chihuahua in the alleged back garden. Now a coward you think she is? No, yet a young suffering victim being intimidated by her own mother. Her mother hadn't always been aggressive; she used to be the dream mother, always spoiling her only child, laughing and joking yet now the only time she laughs and jokes is when she's striking the sense out of her only family around her. This all started when Shakira's father died of heart disease leaving her mother to take care of Shakira and her unborn sister. Her mother started to consume too much alcohol, well over the quantity you should especially when you are pregnant and also refused to go to her pregnancy check ups which was definitely not like her, she was always keen to go and find out how her baby's progress was ...read more.


Oh you should be ashamed of yourself" Brianna shook her head trying to make Shakira feel somewhat guilty for her time and effort producing this dinner "I'm going the chippy, you've got to be f***in' joking me if you think am eating that crap. I don't care what you do, eat the s*** out there for all I care" Brianna said pointing out to the grubby meant to be garden "Is someone in my mummy's body? My mummy is always bothered if I eat my dinner and she never ever leaves me alone ever ever ever and she never shouts at me except if I have done something like be naughty and definitely never swears at me, she doesn't like swearing, well my mummy doesn't and that is not not not my mummy no way" Shakira told Chester - her most loved stuffed cuddly toy after her mother had slammed the door behind her. When Brianna returned home Shakira had tidy the whole house, in a sort of way, but to a 9 year old tidying is basically throwing everything in the nearest cupboard so the majority of things ended up down the basement "Where the f*** is my bag" screamed Brianna from the kitchen "and my hat and scarf and bloody cutlery set on the top of the fridge and for Pete sake you have ...read more.


"Where going to take you home ok? Try and point out your house when we get close is that ok babe?" asked the lady as her handsome husband dressed in tidy sports wear carried her to his car. "Are you ok there?" he asked Shakira just nodded, every utter hurted her fragile throat so she thought it was best to keep quiet "Nod your head when you can see you house my love" Shakira seen it and didn't want to nod, this couple where so lovely she didn't want to leave them but felt like she was putting them on the spot so she nodded "Ok, stop here Tony" the woman said to her husband. He got Shakira out and she directed him to her house. They knocked on the door leaving a crocking sound on the antique style door bell. Brianna came to the door looking at Shakira in his arms. "Where was she?" she asked with no look of gratitude or relief "Drowning in the lake" "Well get here in" demanded Brianna. As the door slammed and the couple walked down the driveway they heared Shakira scream as her mother started violently assaulting her, they didn't go back and knock but instead decided to not get involved even though they both had butterflies of guilty hurdling round in their stomachs thinking of what could and might of happen to Shakira. Lottie Watkinson ...read more.

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