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Cold, muggy and damped the morning started.

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Simon Wong 28th October 2003 Original writing course work Cold, muggy and damped the morning started. The coldest was getting to my hands and face I was frozen like cold, cooling ice cream from a freezer; I started my long and tiring journey to my first ever public primary school. It was only six long, winding roads away from my house I was quite agitated and tensed by the whole new school I was going too. The dark, gloomy weather was making me feel very down The cold and the windiness was dragging me down and down, My journey was getting tiring and more tiring as every step I took, On my way there I thought too my self 'was it going to rain'; my thought had too come true. It drizzled with rain with some sunshine. I walked even faster and faster but the rain seems to get heavier and heavier. There was some light breaking over the horizon, but the dark and gloominess' devoured all sunlight slowly. ...read more.


I was looking forward too school even more now, I felt very relaxed and really nervous about school, But I know I will enjoy primary school. As I walked and walked until I came to the corner of the last street to the new school, there was lots of parents bring there children into the primary school, it was jam packed with cars like a pack of gambling cards squashed together like sandwiches. I walked nearer and nearer, my heart started to beat faster and faster I reached the gate I was really nervous to go in but also excited as well. I have never met anyone I know at this school. Slowly as I opened the gate it made a creaking and scratching noise I was frightened it sounded like a dark and scary old fashioned house in the middle nowhere. I started to make my way into the school; I was already late for school I went to the office following the signs. There was this nice old lady at the counter she ask me my name and also showed me too my new class room. ...read more.


Then a mysterious figure stood next too the door, every step he took parts of his body was revealed from the shadow. He walked in and gave a warm welcoming to all the new pupils to this primary school and told us his name. He was our teacher for this year, He sat down and read the register out my name was last like always. I felt more relax when he said who he was, I thought the teachers at primary school would be scary and strict from the stories I heard about them. But when I saw the teacher he was nice, kind and friendly. We had assembly after registration people began to leave there seats and go to the hall as we were going to the hall class mates started to talk too me and be my friends. Day after day at primary school I was enjoying school and I felt like I fitted in more, I made new friends and new things learnt, The first day of primary school I will never forget it in my life. ...read more.

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