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Comment On How and Why Is Scene One Is Dramatic

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THE CRUCIBLE - COMMENT ON HOW AND WHY IS SCENE ONE IS DRAMATIC By Lee Wareing 11 DG The title of the play I am commenting on is "The Crucible". In this essay I am going to comment on how and why scene one in The Crucible is dramatic. During act1 the play starts were a group of people in Salem go dancing in the woods with a slave woman called Tituba, Reverrand Parris sees this but is spotted doing so, the girls run away. The next day reverrand Parris is beside Betty who is ill, the doctor suspects the girl has been taken over by supernatural forces. Parris questions Abigail, who was with her, he asks her about witchcraft and Tituba, he then sends for reverrand Hale, an authority on witchcraft. Mr & Mrs Putnam see how Betty is and says that she sent her daughter Ruth to raise spirits of her dead babies to see who murdered them so that is another reason for the happenings in the woods that night. Later the girls who were dancing in the woods joined Betty beside her bedside, they're all woried that they may be tried for witchraft. Abigail has them on their own, she slaps Betty to try to sustain her, she also worns the other girls not to breath a word of when she drank blood in the woods, she uses scare tactics. ...read more.


She really doens't want John to stay with Elizabeth so later on she tries to blame her for witchery. She makes the scene really dramatic, and grabbes the audiences attention more in a way of what they think of her now, to what they thaught of her at the start of the play. This man is a newcomer to Salem, an outsider who the people are not very accepting of him. One of the reasons maybe that he's no were near as religious as the people of Salem, for example "I have trouble enough without I come five mile to hear him preach only hellfire and bloody damnation. Take it to heart Mr Parris, there are many others who stay away from church these days because you hardily ever mension God anymore. This makes Parris angry, and aroused, he replies with "Why, that's a drastic charge! As the play goes on, in act 1 we learn that Parris is an important man, but also a man with enemies. The Putnams are always trying to find ways of sending him down, they get a great chance when his daughter is accused of being a witch. From this mans language in the play, the audience think of him more as being a respected man, but also one who doesn't want his authority questioned. ...read more.


This helps give false expectations of the characters where abouts building up the tension bit by bit. To concude this essay I think think scene one in The Crucible is dramatic because of all the major happenings occur all together in one, action-packed scene, as I have explained earlier on in this essay. I think it's a very effective first act because it grabs the audiences attention straight away, even in the first few minutes of the play. Scene one leaves you where you desperately want to see what is going to happen to the characters later on in the play. I think the audiences would have reacted in different ways, when the girls were dancing at the start of the play and Abigail smashed the chiken on the ground getting blood all over her face the audiences would have been quite shocked and even more shocked when they saw a naked woman all this was very dramatic, I think Miller deliberatley wanted the girl to be naked because of this. Another 'audience catching' scene was when Abigail and Proctor were behind the barn discussing their affair and Abigail said 'you sweated like a stalion when I ever came near', the audience must have been enthrolled at the thaught they were taking risks on having an affair in such a strict community. By Lee Wareing 11 DG ...read more.

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